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RFX Remote Clicker Key Fob Alone (not RF915)

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Jan 14 2008 11:25AM

Our house had a central vac system that was very unusual. It worked on a sound activated system that was not dependable. Although it was only about 10 years old and worked well when it did work, it was very noisy and we did not like to vacuum in the evenings, weekends etc because it disturbed our neighbors. We decided to change the system to a Beam that vented inside the garage and is much quieter.

However, because of the fact that it was sound activated, the piping in the walls did not have any low voltage wiring. We called all over and looked on the Internet to see if there was some kind of remote that would operate a vacuum. Fortunately we located the perfect system, the Central Vacuum Wireless Remote Control (RF) shown on this site. The problem was that we needed extra controllers for different floors of our house and could not find anyone who would sell us the remote clicker without buying the entire controller and base unit. The people here answered my inquiry immediately and pointed us to the exact controller that we needed. It does need to be coded to match the base station, but easy instruction are included.

This whole unit would be very helpful for anyone who has a central vac system with no wires or wires that have been damaged. I can't thank you enough.

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RFX Remote Clicker Key Fob Alone (not RF915)

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