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Response II CT25 Brush & Integrated Wand

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13 Reviews, 4.6 out of 5 stars
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5 star user rating.
Sep 24 2019 7:06AM

Perfect for my new carpet.

5 star user rating.
Sep 10 2019 5:40AM

Excellent customer service. Product is terrific.

3 star user rating.
Aug 4 2019 9:33AM

The power and capability are great, but the connections are very weak. The hose does not stay connected at all. The wand connection to the power brush will not hold. Also the hose to the wind connection will not hold. very frustrating!

(MD Notes: We reached out to the customer and determined that they received a faulty wand which we replaced free of charge.)

5 star user rating.

Feb 11 2019 3:25PM

It?s nice to finally have a power attachment that works without me pushing it across the carpet. The only complaint I have is that there was no manual with it.

(BIV Notes: We apologize the manual was not included, the head should come from the manufacturer with the owner's manual inside the box. Please see the link below to locate the manual on our site. Thank you. )

4 star user rating.
Jan 3 2019 8:04AM

The vacuum head worked as advertised and does a great job on our carpet.

4 star user rating.
Oct 29 2018 9:08AM

Good power nozzle. It doesn't seem as sturdy as my previous one that I had for 8 years and it doesn't have a cut-out to get into narrow openings like my past one, but it does seem to do a good job cleaning my older carpets.

4 star user rating.

Jul 12 2017 5:44AM

Works great and it's quieter than my last unit. It pulls to the left and is difficult to go from hardwood to thick rug because you can't tilt it. But overall it's a great.

5 star user rating.

Apr 6 2017 6:21AM

Finally a unit that works really great. After 28 yrs the original finally failed. This unit fit perfectly and cleans better.

5 star user rating.
Mar 13 2017 4:15PM
Comments not provided.

5 star user rating.
Feb 6 2017 5:18PM

It is so light and easy to maneuver. I think it is doing a good job picking things up. It works well on our plush carpet. It does not suction tight.

5 star user rating.

Oct 26 2016 6:20AM

This unit has lots more power than the one included with our central vacuum system, so far we are very pleased.

5 star user rating.
Jul 12 2016 8:17PM
Comments not provided.

5 star user rating.

Feb 13 2016 8:46AM
Comments not provided.

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Response II CT25 Brush & Integrated Wand

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