Response II CT25 Brush & Integrated Wand

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4 star user rating.
Jan 3 2019 8:04AM

The vacuum head worked as advertised and does a great job on our carpet.

4 star user rating.
Oct 29 2018 9:08AM

Good power nozzle. It doesn't seem as sturdy as my previous one that I had for 8 years and it doesn't have a cut-out to get into narrow openings like my past one, but it does seem to do a good job cleaning my older carpets.

4 star user rating.

Jul 12 2017 5:44AM

Works great and it's quieter than my last unit. It pulls to the left and is difficult to go from hardwood to thick rug because you can't tilt it. But overall it's a great.

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Response II CT25 Brush & Integrated Wand

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