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Rug and Floor Central Vacuum Combo Tool

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1 star user rating.

Mar 1 2010 7:55AM

the whole piece is cheap made and the silver scratches the wood floor (MD NOTES: Please use the brushes on this tool for hard floors. The lever on the top makes the brushes come out or in.)

1 star user rating.
Mar 27 2009 4:50AM

Disapointing product. Does not work on rugs very well. (NOTE: All central vacuums can use an air powered carpet brush with their existing vacuum hose - except some Electrolux and Hoover - and get wonderful results. See Products > Brushes > Air Powered.)

1 star user rating.
Feb 7 2009 7:02AM

This piece did not fit my vacuum, the opening was too large. I had to re-order the other one. Make sure you ask before purchasing this piece. (NOTE: There were some that were too large and accidently sent out. We will refund you.)

1 star user rating.

Oct 5 2008 11:04AM

MD recommended that I buy this attachment for my oriental rugs. It didn't work well at all - I returned it.

1 star user rating.
Mar 28 2008 9:15AM
Comments not provided.

1 star user rating.

May 19 2006 2:14PM

nope!!!! I like the other hard wood floor tools better...the one with wheels is the best!!!

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Rug and Floor Central Vacuum Combo Tool

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