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Rug and Floor Central Vacuum Combo Tool

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2 star user rating.

Oct 11 2014 7:30AM

It is a good product that does both floor and carpet. The one and only problem is it is extremely hard to push on the carpet I have. Used it once and found a replacement

(MD Notes: Please retract the bristles when using on carpet/rugs.)

2 star user rating.
Jan 18 2014 5:40AM

It felt clumsy to use with the flip switch on both sides rather than on one. When I switched it to the rug setting, there wasn't enough of a height allowance for adequate air flow making it sound like the hose was pinched.

2 star user rating.
Jun 9 2010 12:32PM

Works okay on wood floors, but on carpet it only sucks up stuff from directly below the hole to the wand, not from the whole head.

2 star user rating.

Jan 9 2009 7:03AM

Advertised as Fasco product, but NOT the same.

Fitting was very tight, there was no hole to received ball bearing from metal end attachment. (NOTE: Newer products are friction fitting. Some customers have bought friction fitting wands such as #406T, and some have drilled a hole. Neither are needed though, if the wand has a metal button it will tuck nicely into the accessories neck.)

2 star user rating.

Mar 23 2008 5:09PM

Really this was not the part to fit my vac. I ordered the one for my unit but this was not the same. Mine had a hole on the part that goed onto the unit. I made it work for now.

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Rug and Floor Central Vacuum Combo Tool

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