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Rugrat Mini Hand Turbine Vacuum Accessory

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2 star user rating.
Feb 26 2011 10:31AM

I am having issues picking with the machine picking up as well as the turbine. It needs to have more power or longer brush bristles.

2 star user rating.

Apr 8 2008 10:24PM

I have a Beam Model 297C. When I bought and installed the system (about 10 yeara ago) I also bought a Rugrat Mini. It worked well for a while, but did not last long. Granted I have cats, and I pick up lots of cat hair. But all my floors are hardwood,and I really only used this unit to clean comforters, furniture, and carpeted kitty-scratching posts. I was not pleased. Often the unit\'s speed slowed down, and required frequent opening up and cleaning. I believe the gasket(s) were not well made. In less than a year, it got to the point where I was disassembling the unit almost everytime I used it. The bearings (or whatever) supporting the turbine wheel and the plastics seem to be poor quality....My dealer replaced the unit with a new one; but honestly my experience with the second unit didn\'t differ too much. My unit was yellow and tan. The company may well have improved the unit over the last ten years; but if not; avoid it. I see that today it\'s around $65. To me this is too much to pay for a unit that only works well for a few months. Just my humble opinion.

(MD NOTES: We sell the model that consists of the numbers 6970, 6971, 6972 and have not had these complaints. Maybe Beam sold a different model? At MD MFG we have had great success with ours. Thanks for the heads up though.)

2 star user rating.

Apr 18 2006 11:06AM

Jams easily with hair - I had to disassemble to clean out hair clogged in the roller ends.

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Rugrat Mini Hand Turbine Vacuum Accessory

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