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Rugrat Mini Hand Turbine Vacuum Accessory

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3 star user rating.

Sep 27 2008 6:39PM

It broke after only six months... We had to take it apart to clean it several times, because our dog's hair would wrap around the ends of the rotating brush and the brush wouldn't rotate anymore. One of the plastic posts where the screw went in broke off. Otherwise it worked well.


3 star user rating.

Nov 28 2007 2:03PM

I was pleased with this at first. It did work well on stairs but after about 18 months it sort of fell apart. The rubber gasket around the edge kept falling off and then it disappeared. Now it makes a lot of noise but doesn\'t clean anything. It may have been that we were too rough on it but we certainly didn\'t overuse it. We\'re not that clean.

3 star user rating.
Aug 22 2007 7:32AM
Comments not provided.

3 star user rating.
Feb 25 2007 11:14AM

Works well on the forward motion, but drags on the back motion.

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Rugrat Mini Hand Turbine Vacuum Accessory

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