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3 star user rating.

Jun 24 2019 8:13AM

We love our MD system. The only negative is the motor. We are waiting (4 weeks the day after tomorrow) and was told that the motor is on backorder. This will be the second time in less than 4 years that it has failed. There is obviously an issue with failing motors on these units.

(MD Notes: This is not typical for normal residential applications. We reached out to the customer to obtain additional details in order to ensure that the solution we provide will be long term.)

3 star user rating.

Aug 29 2014 12:11PM

I'm not being a smart a**, but I only just installed it. I'll let you know at the end of 10 years. I see I have to click on the stars, but I only used it once and it did what a vacuum is supposed to do, so I'll give it 3 (since it doesn't have a lifetime guarantee) and if you come back to me in 10 years and it is still running well, I'll give it five.

3 star user rating.

Jun 10 2009 8:07AM

Have replaced two motors in 5 years. as far as performance, I would have to say that it does a good job as intended aside from longevity.

3 star user rating.

Apr 17 2006 10:33AM
Comments not provided.

3 star user rating.
Apr 17 2006 8:26AM
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