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Dual Voltage Electric Hose - Silver and Black

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5 star user rating.

Sep 23 2016 8:46AM

We ordered this hose as an extra one for the basement. Saves hauling a hose up and down the stairs. It works fine and we are very satisfied.

5 star user rating.
Sep 23 2016 8:44AM

This is a replacement hose for my 2nd hose. Customer service was great helping me to troubleshoot the original problem. First we thought it was the switch (it wasn't), then we tried replacing the hos prong that plugs into the wall(wasn't that either), replace the hose it works great. Hopefully this hose will last a lot longer than the 2 years I got out of my last hose which I did not purchase from this company (big mistake).

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Dual Voltage Electric Hose - Silver and Black

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