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Square Door Basic Wall Central Vacuum Inlet

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1 star user rating.

Mar 31 2016 8:24AM

I needed a product with the upper plug in that worked, Your picture appeared to be that part, it was not, the upper port was a dummy. Your product did me no good!

(MD Notes: Inlets that require high voltage connections are the Supervalves and Electravales. The inlet listed on this page only contain low voltage connections. We have reached out this this customer with option to remedy their concern.)

1 star user rating.

Mar 30 2015 8:00PM

this is the WRONG ONE! I called and was told no need to send back the part to "return" it. I thought I was "exchanging" ofr the correct one (electric conniption at top where that rectangle is above the round opening. Somehow I never got the new correct part.

Can yo please send it or tell me what I need to do?

(MD Notes: We are sorry to hear you did not receive the correct part, we are reaching out to determine/confirm the correct part needed to resolve this issue.)

1 star user rating.

Oct 2 2012 2:36AM

Hello , the two inlet covers were back order , when they arrived the spring that holds the door open broke the very first time a tried to open . The second cover had the same problem , still waiting for the replacements.

(MD Notes: These inlet valves were back ordered for a few days but the customer did receive the replacement inlet valves as promised.)

1 star user rating.

Nov 20 2011 1:49PM

door will not stay closed when screwed to plate. The only way it will stay closed is when you loosen the screws to hold it in place and then the hose and wall plate move when taking hose out of inlet valve. (MD NOTES: The valve is not going in all the way. Pound the center to get it to go in farther, or cut the valve if it is bottoming out. Rare, but that could be the case.)

1 star user rating.
Sep 8 2010 9:51AM

I just put these into use on a room addition Im building so they lay on a shelf for several months before being looked at. To of them were broken prior to installation due to the flimsy plastic spring retainer on the flapper another broke the next day. I will not be purchasing any more of this style. (MD NOTES: We recommend the FULL FACE valves, they are constructed much better and work any place the square or oval/round doors are installed.)

1 star user rating.

Nov 29 2009 4:18AM

Ordered two inlets. The first one the spring was broke on the door, so it falls opn when it's not bring used. The second one works, but it doesn't fit tight so it leaks air when the vacuum is running. May have to put duck tape around it. (MD NOTES: We will send a replacement for the first one. On the second, yes, use electrical tape to make up the gap between the old gasket and new inlet. Use one and a half rounds of the tape.)

1 star user rating.
Oct 13 2009 9:28AM

The product works well, but the spring door has a very poor design. The spring has a small plastic retention plate that is very prone to failure. Living in a region that has vast temperature changes, may cause this poor design to fail even sooner.

1 star user rating.

Aug 29 2009 1:44PM

The inlet doors are simple to install, but the design STINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only thing holding ALL the tension for the spring is a cheap, weak plastic tab. This is my second replacement door, Part #652HA, in 2 1/2 years. At $8.75 plus shipping, this gets ridiculous!! Who designed this, Mickey Mouse and some blind man??????? These doors all need to be re-designed and made MUCH STRONGER at the tension point of the spring so people don't have to keep replacing perfectly good units with cheap spring holders!!!!!!!!!!!! Get with it!!!!

(MD NOTES: Square Inlet door doesn't open flush with the wall. The original installer should have installed the inlet valve door opening upward. Buying the Fullface Basic Inlet will solve this. It opens all the way flush with the wall. The door doesn't stop at 90-degrees with the hose putting pressure on it.)

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