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Square Door Basic Wall Central Vacuum Inlet

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2 star user rating.

Mar 12 2011 3:58AM

The door came without a space for the plug in for the power sweeper. I had to take the spring and modify it to the old plate. (MD NOTES: We sell Electric Inlets as well.)

2 star user rating.
Aug 22 2007 10:02AM

Had intended to replace original VACUFLO inlets with universals. VACUFLO inlets mounted to steel bracket with 4 large sheet metal screws. Your product would require significant reinforcement of the drywall above and below the original steel bracket to withstand insertion and withdrawal of the hose more than a few times, and I don't think moly bolts would cut it, therefore I decided not to install them. Also, due to the design differences, I would not be able to drill holes in the universal to fit the original bracket because the screwheads would cause the cover to always be open, reducing suction to the inlet in use. MD NOTES: THIS IS A ONE OF A KIND PROBLEM HAVING TO DO WITH THE ORIGINAL INSTALLATION.

2 star user rating.

Apr 26 2006 3:16PM

Not as tight as Electrolux on the vac hose and does not allow for 110v plug as my originals do.

(MD NOTE: There are basic inlets and 110 volt electric inlets. If you need electric please view them under "Electric Valves" under "Inlet Valves".)

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Square Door Basic Wall Central Vacuum Inlet

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