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Stealth Attachment Kit

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1 star user rating.
Mar 2 2019 10:48AM

My Shark Lift Off does a better job. I can vacuum my rugs with the Stealth first and then immediately go over them with the Shark and the Shark canister is filled.

(MD Notes: We have contacted the customer to troubleshoot the issues they are experiencing. Keep in mind, the suction power of any central vacuum powerhead is coming from the canister in the garage or basement. There are several reasons why debris may not be picked up by the powerhead and each one is addressed in our online troubleshooting guide.)

1 star user rating.

Dec 28 2015 7:39AM

Stealth unit quit working after a few seconds. We get vacuum only on "I" and brush only on "II". Also, if I have the handle locked in vertical position, I get vacuum only on both settings, no brush.

My wife is not impressed with her Christmas present.....

(MD Notes: After further discussion with the customer, we determined that the issue was due to a faulty hose switch assembly which we provided to the customer at no cost as it is still under warranty.)

1 star user rating.

Dec 22 2009 9:43AM

Stealth power unit is totally unusable for thick carpet

as it is difficult to move and often stops motor.

Did not know about the problem till I got the unit and tried.

Made the modifications that was recommended for thick

carpet but it did not work. Don't know what to do because

the recommended mods required cutting a tab in the motor

and now it is not returnable. Very disappointed and

now stuck with an unusuable power unit. (MD NOTES: The Ace is better for "abnormally" tall or thick carpets. It adjusts the highest of all vacuum heads. We will exchange this customer's Stealth head for the Ace and provide wands.)

1 star user rating.

Feb 15 2007 9:55AM

I have a stealth hose it has never worked right it would quit runing we would shake it to get it going again I took it back to by dealer when it was less than a year old they could not find any thing wrong with it. I bought it back home same problem. I have had it less than two years it quit running on the 110 volt side took it bach to dealer on January 29, 2007 it has been in shop since that time waiting on parts. I fill that this hose should have been replaced. My dealer is Upland Vacuume and Jantorial Supply

(MD NOTES: The issue has been resolved and the customer is very satisfied as per our verbal follow-up. The customer is glad the home is clean as his wife needs to be in a dust free home.

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Stealth Attachment Kit

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