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2 star user rating.

Nov 9 2017 2:02PM

I'm not please with this new unit purchased about a year and a half ago for our new home. We had previously had a Stealth in our old home but left it for the new owner. Lucky her!! I often use my upright vacuum solely based on the fact that I can't disconnect the Stealth without great difficulty. It should not be so difficult. I am looking to another brand based on this issue.

(MD Notes: We reached out to the customer in order to replace the defective wand free of charge. The removal of the wand from the hose handle should be smooth and easy.)

11/20/2017 Update from customer: I received the new wand and wanted to let you know that it completely solved the problem. I can remove the wand easily. I wish I had know that it was such an easy problem to solve. Thank you so much!

2 star user rating.

Apr 22 2016 8:32AM

The floor brush is not as effective as the prior model. I do like the swivel feature. The brush design does not promote as effective suction as the previous design. The attachments keep falling off the wand mounted keeper. I like the connection from pistol grip to power head. I am using the old tools and old tool keeper am disappointed with this unit. It was advertised to be better. I even snaked out the line just to be sure. I can't say that I would recommend based on my experience.

(MD Notes: We have reached out to the customer to better understand which attachments they are unhappy with. Once we have more information, we will be better able to provide a proper resolution.)

2 star user rating.

Aug 26 2014 3:49PM

I have to say that this product is just okay. When I'm using the power brush, the plug at the bottom keeps pulling away from the base - that makes the power stop and I have to bend over and push the plug in harder. This happened since the first day I bought it.

Also, the pipe that I use with the floor tool - the little plastic pins that let you adjust the length of the pole broke after 3 months. That meant I either had to pay for a new pole ($20) or duct tape it together. My dealer gave me a replacement one for free, but he admitted that it is not the correct pole - the air makes a loud whistling sound near the top.

(MD Notes: Replacement wands were shipped out immediately.)

2 star user rating.

Nov 11 2011 2:28PM

I bought this power unit for my wife. Our old one was rather tired. The stealth is quieter and lighter, but does not pick up light amounts of dog hair off of our short carpets. Very disappointed with this unit. It was supposed to be the best unit on the market. We will be looking locally for a new power unit that picks up dog hair. (MD NOTES: Please be sure the Stealth is adjusted to the shortest carpet setting. Depending on the carpet weave and type of hair, you may have to go at it from different angles, regardless of the vacuum used. Let us know if you'd like to return the product or if we can be of any further assistance.)

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