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3 star user rating.
Dec 1 2020 6:06AM

The hard surface attachment is difficult to maneuver and lay flat on the floor because of the swivel.

3 star user rating.

Sep 18 2018 6:04AM

Gal that cleans the house can not disconnect the hose from the bare floor wand due to the fact that you have now covered the push button over with a rubber protector which makes it harder to push as well as she can not see the button. Certainly not an improvement. Had to retrieve my old wand which is not adjustable to solve the problem.

(MD Notes: We have reached out to the customer to remedy the issue.)

3 star user rating.

Nov 11 2013 10:18AM

The stealth does a great job on cleaning. Surprisingly noisy which is disappointing because the noise level was one of the reasons we chose this unit. Also, the hose does not fit the outlets as well as our old hose which causes the hose to twist and lose power.

3 star user rating.

Oct 21 2013 3:56PM

I like it but it seems like air leaks at the union between the handle and the hose. It feel like it is lacking some of the suction power I was used to.

3 star user rating.

Dec 28 2011 3:02PM

The wand section is sometimes hard to pull apart. Also don't think the hose is of the same quality as my original electrolux hose. (MD NOTES: The hose is the best available and older hoses may seem better because they where heavier and less pliable. Don't let this hose fool you, it is amazing. If the wand section is hard to pull apart let us know and we will help you.)

3 star user rating.

Aug 25 2010 6:01PM

Stealth carpet unit is great but the plastic wand for the floor attachment does not always stay connected. (MD NOTES: Please push the plastic wand up past the metal button lock and it will stay on perfectly.)

3 star user rating.
Jul 1 2010 6:19AM

not as powerful as original equipment

3 star user rating.
May 1 2010 5:36AM

The bare floor attacment does not fit the hose properly. Seems to be missing something. Will dis-attach itself will in use.

3 star user rating.
Mar 20 2010 1:11PM

Not as easy to connect & disconnect, especially at end near powerhead because coed is in the way. Original was wired differently. Otherwise it is great.

3 star user rating.

Mar 17 2010 10:21AM

While stealth rotating head does a good job cleaning carpet it feels awkward on hard wood floors, but it does seem to work. One thing I don't like is the head does not disengage from the wand so you can't clean in the corners and around moldings, head does come off, but the cord does not it would be nice if there was a quick electrical connector.

Hose seems to be good so far it does rotate at the handle so it untangles easily, it also has a 3 way switch (vac,off, vac and power).

As far as accessories the plastic wand that comes with it is friction fit and it comes off too easy making it very frustrating to use. MD recommended to put in more, but my wife has difficult time with that. I will be looking for a different metal wand with a hole on top so it stay on. If there is an option to buy just the stealth and the hose with out attachment consider that. (MD NOTES: We will contact this customer and provide a metal secondary wand #406TB. The Stealth head should stay in the wands. The second set of wands and included floor brush should be used for the hard floors, not the Stealth. This way you clean better and do not have to disconnect cords or bend over. Disconnect the Stealth wand at the hose handle and simply attach the secondary wands with the floor brush already attached. You'll have a set up for the carpet and a set up for the hard floors.)

3 star user rating.

Jan 26 2010 9:41AM
Comments not provided.

3 star user rating.

Nov 13 2009 7:47AM

The Stealth power brush is great. I find putting the hose away to be a bit of a task as it is so stiff! I was not at all happy with the wand as it did not fit properly to the handle and slid off constantly. I made a call to customer service and they sent me a new one, no charge, that day. The new one works perfectly! (MD NOTES: The secondary wand works perfectly fine when put on correctly. Simply slide the wand up far enough to cover the metal nipple.)

3 star user rating.

Nov 9 2009 10:55AM

When vacumming this weekend it kept spitting back the dabree I was vacuuming and I'm not sure why. I adjusted the roller height and it still did it. (MD NOTES: Your suction is not working. The brush is gathering the debris but there is not air to carry it in. Please use our troubleshooting guide to fix it

3 star user rating.

Nov 15 2008 5:13AM

The plastic hose coating makes it very slippery and therefore makes it difficult to roll up and store because the loop will tighten and most of the hose ends up on the floor. (MD NOTES: New hoses are slick but will be easier to hang up as time goes on.)

3 star user rating.

Feb 12 2007 8:08AM

Unfortunately the item did not do the job for us. I couldn\'t determine the problem. Did not have as much suction as the old system I\'d been using. I am conjecturing that the fact that I have the smaller tubing which came with the Kenmore system & was attaching a larger hose may have reduced the suction. I did talk with tech dept. He had no instances of that being a problem. Anyhow, I did return the hose & stealth unit.

All interaction with your tech dept and customers service has been very positive. I did have an initial problem of not receiving the telescoping tube with the order. That was resolved as rapidly as coast-to-coast shipping would allow.

The purchase and return has been handled in a very professional manner.


3 star user rating.

Dec 29 2006 5:28AM

A lot less noise than the turbocat. A little heavier to operate and harder to change the different wands.

3 star user rating.
Dec 28 2006 7:55AM

the materials aren't quite as substantial as I thought they would be and the level control and indicator don't work

3 star user rating.

Aug 23 2006 9:22AM

Got the kit right before I went on vacation so I haven't used it as much as I need to to get fully familar with it. 1. The main steath head. Not sure that I like the way it twist rather than staying firm.

2. The larger light weight vacume attachement. I attached it with the two plastic tubes to the hose. It doesn't fit firmly into the hose handle. My old one had one of those pop up button that fit into a hole firmly attaching it to the home handle. neither of the platic tubes has a whole to firmly attach to the new hose handle?

Larry Cathey

(MD NOTES: The swivel on the Stealth really helps guide it when pushed. When you quickly get used to "driving" it you will love it. Regarding the plastic wands, we did have a batch of ones that didn't work well, but that has been resolved.)

3 star user rating.

Apr 19 2006 7:41AM

OK, my wife preferred the previous hardwood floor product because it picked up more loose items.

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