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5 star user rating.

Oct 4 2016 9:05AM

Shipped and arrived quickly. Fit perfectly replacing a very old one.

5 star user rating.
Jul 6 2016 6:59AM
Comments not provided.

5 star user rating.
Jan 28 2016 9:35AM

Exactly what I needed. Arrived on time.

1 star user rating.

Jun 8 2015 9:33AM

It's my second Stealth telescopic wand replacement. This connector for extending the hose is broken. I tried its button to hopefully pop out to hold the wand, but it was not successful. This wand design indeedly needs to be improved to last longer. My temporary solution was to put a duct tape on the both side of the button to hold the extending wand until getting the replacement.

(MD NOTES: We are sorry to hear of this customer's issue with our product. We have reached out to resolve this issue with the customer.)

3 star user rating.

May 17 2014 8:56AM

The wand seems solidly built and looks like it will work well, but it was recommended to me (by someone at MD) for use with Mini Electric Brush. Due to the plastic parts on these tools, this want WILL NOT WORK with that brush unless one is willing to modify one or both devices, cutting off plastic until it fits. I will keep the want and eventually use it to replace the "corded" wand that came with my stealth kit. I was looking for a way to put the Mini Electric Brush on the end of a wand so I could more easily use it to get in the gaps between heavy furniture and the wall, or for use on stairs without a lot of bending. MD hasn't got a solution for that, as far as I can tell; it looks like the "Rug Rat" is a better choice there. The Mini Electric Brush is still a good choice for furniture.

(MD Notes: The wand used for the Mini Electric Brush is item #406ME. We sent this item to the customer free of charge.)

1 star user rating.

Feb 17 2014 9:40AM

We have been through two of them in less than a year. The connector foe extending the hose has broken on both. Poor quality. (MD NOTES: Thank you for the review. We are committed to our customers who experience any failure on any product to see they are completely satisfied under the condition.)

4 star user rating.

Dec 24 2013 10:17AM

The new wand is exactly like the one that came with my system but does not snap into the hose section very easily like the old one did. I have to work with it to get them to connect. Other than that, it is fine.

5 star user rating.

Oct 3 2013 6:59PM
Comments not provided.

1 star user rating.
Jun 6 2012 6:11AM

The top fits the vac hose, but the bottom does not fit the floor brush. What is up with that? (MD NOTES: This wand is specifically made for mating to the Stealth. It may not fit well in other tools like you have discovered. Hopefully you have other wands and can leave this wand attached to the Stealth. The Stealth kits comes with two sets of wands for this reason.)

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