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Aug 9 2016 1:56AM

This does not stretch to 30', in fact you would be lucky if it stretched to 20. At that length it comes apart at the base, it stays connected to the outlet, but the hose snaps off. It looks like it would screw in, but that doesn't hold. This is for short vacuuming only if you have a spill next to your outlet but don't think it's going to vacuum up to 30 '. Good concept, but Very disappointed in its execution. Connection is. It well made.

(MD Notes: The hose in question was purchased almost two years ago and was still covered under warranty. We sent a replacement to the customer right away.)

Customer Feedback Update 08/31/2016: Taking your call was my pleasure. Thanks again for the great customer service. I know a lot of companies that could take a page from your book.

1 star user rating.

Apr 5 2012 4:56AM

When I use the extension hose there is so much tension that it will pop out of the wall socket disenabling the hose rendering it virtually useless. The video is misleading by suggesting that it stretches up to 30 feet without a problem. (MD NOTES: Being a stretch hose, the further it is stretched the more resistance it has, so we understand that issue. But the issue of it popping out of the inlet is rare. The Stretch Hose has a very good friction insert. If the tolerance of your particular inlet doesn't work with the hose you are more than welcome to return it within 30 days for a full refund. Sorry about that.)

1 star user rating.

Dec 13 2008 10:41PM

Don't like this hose. Too heavy. Plus the hose has come out of the part that connects to the wall. Now it is useless. (NOTE: Hose easily screws back into the hose ends (reverse thread). Sometimes they are not screwed in all the way when manufactured.)

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