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3 star user rating.

Apr 23 2016 8:33AM

It is great for quick clean ups, but has some issues. Mine only lasted 2 years. The plastic handle does not hold up and continues to fall off the wand when in use. The plastic handle on mine actually broke apart just after the 2nd year. The hose itself is a great idea, but they need to make the handle sturdier, out of metal with a button latch would be well worth the extra cost.

(MD Notes: We have reached out to this customer with options to remedy this issue.)

3 star user rating.

Feb 1 2010 5:22AM

Fine service advice and works very well for quick pick ups.

3 star user rating.
Jan 9 2009 7:28PM

I was disappointed to find that we had to go out to the garage to manually turn the vac on. That is where the regular hose is stored, so the stretch hose is really superfluous. (NOTE: Only the AirForce Central Vacuum required a manual turn on at the unit. All other systems start when it is inserted.)

3 star user rating.

Jan 5 2009 8:31AM

For short distances, the hose works great. However, when stretched, it does not retain the length and constant, increasing, tension must be maintained to use the hose.

3 star user rating.

Dec 27 2008 6:13PM

I was very excited at this concept. However, the product was rather dissapointing for three reasons: 1). It is supposed to fit all vacuums, but although it fits my wands, the top piece that attaches isn't long enough to cover the open parts on the top of the wand--I needed to tape the wands at the top so that the air does not escape during vacuuming. 2). It certainly doesn't stretch to 27 feet! It's difficult to stretch it past 15 feet. I'm hoping with time it will do so. 3.) When it arrived in the box, the plastic was indented at the point where it was folded in the box. This indentation has not gone away, so I'm worried that it will eventually crack at that bend. (NOTE: A new Stretch Hose is being sent that will resolve these issues.)

3 star user rating.

Dec 21 2008 8:44AM

Well made, but cumbersome.(Heavy)It re tracks as the spring is very tense, plus the suction. Its hard to keep stretched out while vacuuming. It defeats its original purpose. (NOTE: Use this handy hose for quick clean-ups unless you like a bit of a workout when using it for a longer period of time over a larger area.)

3 star user rating.
Sep 16 2007 6:51AM

nice idea, however, it's kind of heavy to work with

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