SuperValve Inlet Cover Kit Square Door

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2 star user rating.
Sep 25 2015 4:48AM

AC wiring box potion way too large for a replacement retro fit. Will not go past pipe in wall without making the hole way too large even for the trim cover to hide.

2 star user rating.
Nov 10 2013 5:49AM

Ordered as a replacement for a door with a broken spring. Very annoying that these springs fail frequently yet the manufactuer (I'm told) does not offer a replacement cover, you have to buy a whole new assembly, which is then wasted when you replace just the cover. I had no choice but to order this since I already have the valves installed, but it is a low quality product. I would not recommend for a new installation.

2 star user rating.

Jan 4 2008 5:24AM

Part was high quality in its construction, however the one I received I believe had been already opened by a previous recipient of the part, then repackaged and sold to me. Also, a brown cover should include screws with brown heads. Mine were stainless.

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SuperValve Inlet Cover Kit Square Door

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