SuperValve Inlet Cover Kit Square Door

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3 star user rating.

Nov 27 2016 7:20AM

Door spring very badly designed it doesn't stay on the plastic door I have fixed it but it should be redesigned.

3 star user rating.

Dec 18 2015 6:28AM

I ordered Ivory, you sent me almond. I'll have to figure this one out. Maybe the client won't notice! thanks a lot!

(MD Notes: We have reached out to this customer with options to remedy this issue.)

3 star user rating.

Jan 23 2014 7:21AM

I wish you could only order the door. They are bad for the springs breaking and won't close. You have to tape them shut. The people at MD Central Vacuum are great to work with...

3 star user rating.
Oct 10 2013 6:30AM

The part does not seal all the way and you partially lose suction when using another port. If there was some kind of o ring that could tighten the fit between the plastic male and female connection that may solve the problem.

3 star user rating.
Feb 5 2013 8:14AM

I only needed the cover plate with electrical connections. I received several other parts that will be tossed out. seems like such a waste. the replacement inlet is a much tighter connection to the vacuum hose so detaching it from the wall is much harder.

3 star user rating.

Jan 17 2012 6:06AM

Hi and thank you for requesting feedback. The spring loaded cover design is not very durable. I ahve already replaced three due to the spring preload tab (which is very thin)failing. This should be a rather simple simple design change to implement. Unfortunately, when the prloaded spring assembly fails, the only option is to purchase the entire inlet covet kit. (MD NOTES: Buy the full face version, it has a full swivel instead of 90 degrees so there is less tension on the spring.)

3 star user rating.
Jun 27 2010 5:05AM

it was good but I only needed the cover. Thought that was what I was buying

3 star user rating.

Aug 20 2009 9:34AM

I only needed the cover portion, not the entire unit as only the spring on the cover was broken. I only replaced that cover portion, which was quite simple after attaching the wires in the appropriate terminals.

3 star user rating.

May 26 2009 5:05AM

Works as promised. I wish I could have just purchased the face-plate instead of the whole unit. I had to throw most of it away.

3 star user rating.

Dec 19 2008 10:06AM

Didn't need the mounting plate, so I felt like I paid a lot more additional hardware. I just needed a new face plate because the kids broke the spring on my old one.

3 star user rating.

Oct 21 2008 5:57AM

Would like to see just the plate cover offered seemed like a waste of material and money when all I really needed was the face plate.

3 star user rating.
Mar 29 2007 5:19AM

This door kit was not exactly the one I was looking for, however it will work just fine.

3 star user rating.

Apr 20 2006 11:38AM
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