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Switch Assembly for Gas Pump Handle

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1 star user rating.

Apr 1 2018 8:47AM

At the time of my review, there are 335 reviews on this part. My experience sheds light on why there are so many reviews. We have 2 Stealth hose/head assemblies and I have repeatedly changed out this part on both. The small caliber 2 prong is a poor design and does not hold up well. The connections repeatedly burn out and the only repair is to purchase another $35 switch assembly. Obviously, counting the number of reviews on this forum, this is a common problem. I've resorted to buying these in bulk because they last 6-12 months in our home.

(MD Notes: To protect against the risk of burning, it is recommended to be sure that the power head and suction are completely powered off before disconnecting the hose handle. We have reached out to the customer and remedied the issue.)

1 star user rating.
Feb 14 2018 7:42AM

with went in but pump handle did fit properly when putting together.

(MD Notes: We worked with the customer and arranged a return for the switch assembly.)

1 star user rating.

Jan 29 2016 7:27AM

The switch seems to be a week link in the hose assembly. I have two hoses with the same switch problem.

(MD Notes: We have reached out to this customer with options to remedy this issue.)

1 star user rating.

Nov 8 2015 4:07PM

An expensive part to purchase seeing that it was only the electrical plug that was burnt out and other than that the handle was in good shape...

(MD Notes: We have reached out to this customer to ensure satisfaction.)

1 star user rating.

Jan 16 2013 7:18AM

The parts did not fit my hose and in general were almost useless. I wound modifying parts to fit my old handle in order to get by. The hose would not fit the new handle at all making the new switch assembly useless.

Overall I am VERY dissatisfied.

(MD Notes: The handle assembly needed is for an outdated hose. Parts are no longer available. We issued a full refund for the product as a courtesy)

1 star user rating.

Jun 1 2011 11:22PM

The basic product design is poor. This is the 2nd time I have had to replace the Handle in 4.5 years - both times because of electrical shorts between the handle and the powered vacuum head. The connector in the handle was burned out by the shorts. I'm sure other users have the same issue so a "connector only" spare part should be offered. (NOTE: Correct operation of the vacuum is to turn the power switch off before disconnecting the wand from the handle. It will eventually short out if not turned off.)

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Switch Assembly for Gas Pump Handle

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