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Switch Assembly for Gas Pump Handle

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2 star user rating.
Jan 25 2021 1:56PM

Product works fine but found out the original problem was a broken wire connection. The wire connections seem to be too fragile and subject to breaking.

2 star user rating.

Dec 15 2020 8:38AM

This switch lasted for 16 months. I'll give it one more try because the cost/benefit (x2) still outweighs a completely new hose but, let's be clear - 16 months is horrible. - BTW - normal household use. Yes, easy to install.

2 star user rating.

Aug 5 2020 9:05AM

The gas pump handle replacement for my older pistol grip version was not all that well made. The bosses inside the gas pump handle are not very robust / substantial, which receive the screws that hold the housing together and which was the same issue as the original version need to be more robustly designed. Additionally the plastic elbow deal which is an injection molded piece was poorly detailed, I had to clean off excess plastic along the mold seam which would have tore up the little o'ring like gasket seal. A diagram shipped with the parts detailing how to route the wires for the new switch would have been helpful.

2 star user rating.

Apr 10 2016 1:59PM

The switch received was too short for my handle, so I had to modify by splicing part of the old switch to part of the new switch. In the end, it is working find.

(MD Notes: There are two versions of this switch; one with shorter wires for a Gas Pump Handle and one with longer wires for the older Pistol Grip Handle.)

2 star user rating.
Apr 18 2015 9:46AM

Although I have used MD Mfg for years, I was very unhappy with this recent experience ordering a part. I had to continually ask the person to repeat. Although I kept saying it was an older unit (2002), I did not get reassurance that this part would fit. It did not, and I do appreciate that you refunded most of the purchase price. I'm assuming you do not carry repair parts for my vacuum. I had to find a local repair shop that was able to fix it.

(MD Notes: We apologize that this customer was dissatisfied with our service and parts. We are reaching out to this customer to resolve this issue.

2 star user rating.
Jan 16 2015 1:13AM

I had to file part of the circuit board away to make it fit. The part works, but did not fix my problem. evidently I need a new control board.

2 star user rating.

Apr 28 2010 9:13AM

The female connectors to the pump handle corrodes over time due to a poor electrical connection. It shorts out during use causing a buildup of carbon that gradually gets worse. (MD NOTES: The hose supplier has redesigned the interior of the female receptacle wherein there are a set of spring-loaded contacts which are designed to reduce the possibility of any poor connection issues.)

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Switch Assembly for Gas Pump Handle

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