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Switch Assembly for Pistol Handle

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1 star user rating.
Sep 27 2018 11:04AM

This was not the correct part

(MD Notes: We have worked with the customer and remedied the issue.)

1 star user rating.
Aug 24 2012 6:20AM

The switch did not work with my vacuum beater head. They told me they would send an adaptor, but didn't. At least they did provide a refund for the purchase price (not including shipping) after calling back a 2nd time to check on the adaptor that was never sent.

(MD Notes: We contacted the customer and issued a refund for the original shipping cost as there seems to have been some miscommunication on our part. We do not have an adapter for the switch itself.)

1 star user rating.

Aug 2 2008 9:07AM

I ordered a 2 way , 2 contact switch & received a 3 way 4 contact switch. After bringing this to your attention I was given the ph # of Manf. with the part # you supplied & received the wrong switch again. I had to install the old original switch with broken plastic control to make the power head work. You should carry correct pars to repair our 8 year old unit. Very disappointed with your Co.

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Switch Assembly for Pistol Handle

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