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Switch Assembly for Pistol Handle

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2 star user rating.

Jul 31 2018 6:24PM

Difficult to install and came with no diagram or instructions. You need to remember how you disassembled the old switch assembly to properly install the new one. There are several ways to make mistakes. Also, this is a very expensive way to replace a $1 switch. The manufacturer should either use a higher quality switch or design the switch so you can replace only the switch and not the entire assembly.

2 star user rating.

Mar 19 2016 12:31PM

I realize I have an older model, but the replacement part is larger that it should be and the handle won't fit back together. I emailed, but didn't get a response. It's working, but I don't expect it will for long.

(MD Notes: We have reached out to this customer with options to remedy this issue.)

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Switch Assembly for Pistol Handle

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