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Switch Assembly for Pistol Handle

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3 star user rating.
Oct 27 2020 7:18AM

Wires were a bit too long from board to switch to fit back in the handle

3 star user rating.
Mar 24 2015 2:55PM

Molded plastic wire guide piece did not fit without modification.

3 star user rating.
Nov 17 2014 6:58AM

The switch was easy to install and it work fine. the problem I have is that is the third switch that I have had to replace. It seems to me that they should last longer than that. also I would like to replace the entire handle but don't see that option on the website.

3 star user rating.

Jun 17 2011 11:16AM

The Switch Assembly for Pistol Handle worked fine as needed but was terribly difficult to install. This is because of a very tight fit in the wire harness channel in the pistol handle. In the original handle, two of the screw posts had broken off inside the grip over the last couple of years. I found this out when I went to take the thing apart to see how to remove the switch assembly. Apparently the factory assembler had the same problem I did getting it to fit flush and secure together, but ran out of patience and just over-tightened the two screws closest to the channel for the wire harness. As a result the old handle would not fit together flush and tight and so I had to drop another $35 on a new pistol handle, which should not have been necessary. It took me a good long time to finagle the thing together but once I did it worked fine. Either a better quality switch or better engineering or both would have made this repair unnecessary.

3 star user rating.
Oct 29 2010 4:13AM

Disappointed that we had to purchase an entire assembly. We only wanted to purchase the DPDT switch. (much more costly and wasteful)

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Switch Assembly for Pistol Handle

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