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Full Switch Assembly for Low Voltage On-off Hose

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4 star user rating.

Nov 13 2017 8:09AM

No instructions came with the product. I've got the pipe cover which is great. But the switch connectors are not immediately intuitive for installation. How is it supposed to sit in the housing? I tried multiple methods and still does not work.... Guess I'll need to continue rotating the hose inside the plug to turn the vacuum on.

(MD Notes: Reached out to the customer and provided instructions for installing the switch.)

4 star user rating.

Feb 28 2016 12:41PM

Satisfied with product and service. A little pricey

4 star user rating.
Apr 20 2015 7:15AM

Taking the old handle off was little more difficult than putting me one on. I used a little extra tape on handle as it did not click into assembly. But the kit works fine.

4 star user rating.

Aug 19 2014 6:01PM

Switch works well and corrected the problem of vacuum shutting on and on. Changing out the full switch was relatively simple EXCEPT for the fact the screw to hold the handle on the hose was about two threads too short to secure the handle.

4 star user rating.
Aug 30 2013 9:26AM

New switch had copper contacts. Old one had electrical brushes. Sometimes experience intermitent contact. Expect to get better with use.

4 star user rating.

Jan 31 2011 2:51PM

Very happy with switch assembly works great, but did not come with any instructions. It took several tries to figure out how the electric contracts should sit in the handle properly.

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Full Switch Assembly for Low Voltage On-off Hose

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