Switch for Electric Hose (No Suction Control)

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Jan 17 2013 11:54AM

I bought this to replace the connector on my hose. My hose is a style which actually requires a suction control switch but since only the connector was damaged I bought this part to repair it. This was an exact match for the connector I took out and with a bit of cutting and soldering my hose is back to good as new. I don't know the brand of my hose as I don't see it marked anywhere but it said:



B C F 27 BCE


On the end that goes into the wall. If you are handy with electrics and have this hose with a damaged connector then this part will fix the problem for you too. I was quoted $125 by a local shop to fix the hose so this was a super good deal for me!

5 star user rating.
Sep 5 2008 4:50PM

Quick shipment and a good product

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Switch for Electric Hose (No Suction Control)

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