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Telescopic Wand - Button Lock Top, Friction Bottom

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1 star user rating.

Sep 10 2015 7:14PM

The telescopic wand is not functional. It will not unlock to extend.

(MD Notes: We've reached out to this customer to resolve issue with the non-functional wand.)

1 star user rating.
Aug 9 2011 7:36AM

I had purchased one of these extensions before - this one has a hole at the top of the extension for the vacuum handle but DOES NOT have the plastic cover that helped you to depress down the locking pin. Trying to depress it using your finger is extremely difficult. I had sent an e-mail to customer service after receiving this and heard absolutely nothing back. I guess when you make something cheaper than you use to it is hard to defend.I would not purchase again - EVER!!! Customer Service I would rate -10. (MD NOTES: We will get ahold of this customer ASAP and remit him for the product and trouble. We didn't get the email from him, no fault of anyone, it just happens sometimes.)

1 star user rating.
Apr 11 2011 6:43AM

Didn't fit the FloMaster that I have. Top was too long and had to be cut so button could go into the hole. Good thing there was a machine at work that was able to do this; otherwise wand would have been returned. (MD NOTES: This is the first time we have ever heard of the button hole not lining up on this wand.)

1 star user rating.

Dec 8 2009 8:05AM

The wand is nicely made, but it leaks so much at the joints that it is useless. I'll be returning it.

1 star user rating.

Apr 19 2008 8:40AM

This piece of equipment is entirely too heavy and I would not have bought it if I had had a chance to feel the weight of it first hand. The design is very good but the heavy material defeats the purpose.

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Telescopic Wand - Button Lock Top, Friction Bottom

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