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Tru-Seal Microfilter Bag - 3 Pack

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3 star user rating.
Jan 25 2021 10:09AM

I wish I could empty the bags easily instead of having to replace them

3 star user rating.
Sep 2 2020 7:49PM

While I was very pleased with the product, I was disappointed when I attempted to contact customer service as to the whereabouts of my package. I was provided a tracking number with FedEx, and when I went to track it, the tracking number provided could not identify where my package was. When I tried to contact Customer Service, I couldn't reach a representative by phone (said voicemail was unmonitored), and there was a delay in getting an email response. Great product, but could improve on the service.

3 star user rating.
Jun 16 2020 9:12AM

I have not actually tried this product yet since my supply of the older 12-gallon bags is yet to be used up. However, I might ask the question why a smaller 8-gallon bag would cost so much more than the older 12-gallon bag. I understand that the filter quality is better, but why couldn't you provide a 12-gallon bag. Seems like a lot of empty space not being utilized in my vacuum system.

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Tru-Seal Microfilter Bag - 3 Pack

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