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Tru-Seal Microfilter Bag - 3 Pack

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4 star user rating.
Apr 12 2021 8:12AM

I ordered 12 Gallon size but was shipped 8 Gallon size Vacuum bags. When I called customer service I was told the 12 Gallon size was discontinued.

4 star user rating.

Nov 30 2020 7:22AM

Vacuum bag does really hold the dust. Only challenge is to know when it needs changing. Easy to place and snap onto the fittings in the collection canister.

4 star user rating.
Oct 28 2019 3:54PM

these bags hold a lot of stuff...and they are strong...don't know what happened to the last one which fell off of the adapter..maybe the weight of debris...

4 star user rating.
Oct 22 2019 7:17AM

good product but a little pricey when you add in shipping

4 star user rating.

Jun 30 2019 3:04PM

I too have a problem with the utility port attachment coming off! Especially when I use the vac to clean the garage.....PLEASE MAKE AN ADAPTOR FOR THE BAG ATTACHMENT TO SLIDE OVER AND SECURE! UGH! Frustrating when all the dirt bypasses the bag...also wastes my pricey bags!

4 star user rating.

May 28 2019 6:43AM

The two problems I have is a very poor attachment method to the utility port. One mess is enough. Two. It's hard to tell when it's full. Probably will start using the old system so I can use the utility port safely.

(MD Notes: Customer purchased the Tru-Seal bags and adapter only. Sending the proper cloth bag as a courtesy to help support the Tru Seal Bag. Also, replace the bag when the debris is just below the intake. This can be determined by palpating the bag to see where the debris level is.)

4 star user rating.

Jan 11 2019 2:32PM
Comments not provided.

4 star user rating.

Oct 18 2018 6:50AM

Love the new bags, but the port for the garage will not stay attached to the canister, having to duct tape it on the inside. Should not be. The old bags never came off.

( Customer service representative has contacted customer to offer assistance. )

4 star user rating.
Jun 29 2018 6:31AM

No big savings on ordering 3 as opposed to 1.

4 star user rating.
May 17 2018 9:18AM

Takes a little while to figure out how to install, hence 4 star rating. Other than that it works great.

4 star user rating.
Apr 1 2018 7:34PM

Pricing seemed rather expensive for product. It works well but just seems like it should be significant less for the purpose it serves.

4 star user rating.

Jan 9 2018 5:54AM

Bags arrived on schedule and appear to be fine. Only complaint is that the cost of 3 bags is almost the same as one even though you advertise a big savings. That is the reason for not giving 5 stars. I only bought 3 3-packs to get free shipping. You should either reduce the price of the 3-pack or offer larger quantities at significantly reduced prices.

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Tru-Seal Microfilter Bag - 3 Pack

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