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Feb 16 2008 1:14AM

2/15/08: I have a 17 year old Beam system and this was my 3rd time to replace the air-powered head, and my first turbocat. It just arrived this week. I swept one room with it. It was okay...works great on throw rugs. However, it is not durable enough to stand up to my household. My teenage son swept his room. I told him not to sweep up strings/coins/metal/paperclips, anything big chunky. Well he swept potato chip crumbs and eggshell crumbs and managed to seize up the turbine such that I can't get it cleared. I can't get to the turbine to clear it; even after removing the screws I can't get the parts to separate. Very frustrating. If that is all it takes to "break" it, it's not worth my time to send it back to get it fixed as the next time anyone else beside me uses it in my household, I expect the same result. I would NOT recommend this unit to anyone with kids! It's good only for dust sized particles! What a disappointment and waste of money. If you have kids, this one is not for you! I wish I could find the air-powered beater bar like originally came with my system and like I've found in the past! (MD NOTES: We highly recommend an electric kit such as the Stealth or Edgelift, you can suck up a sock and it wouldn't hardly hiccup! They fit all systems. www.builtinvacuum.com/electricpowered.html. )

1 star user rating.

Oct 13 2007 11:15AM

I have yet to finish a job without the Turbo Head getting clogged or the brushes not turning. I brought it in to have brushes replaced and they charged me $16 to remove some debris I couldn't remove myself. Got it home, first time I used it, it got jammed again. I would never recommend this product to anyone. Had electric for years, easy to work and never broke down. Oh well, how much will they charge me this time. MD NOTES: WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND AN ELECTRIC HOSE AND TOOL KIT WHENEVER A HOME HAS CARPETING. ELECTRICS KITS FIT INTO ALL BRANDS EVER INSTALLED WITHOUT ANY CHANGES.

1 star user rating.

May 24 2007 6:35PM

We purchased this kit and the \"Deluxe Turbo Cat\" stopped working after 1 month. We sent it back for repair and we were told it was plugged with hair and \"could NOT be fixed and we would have to purchase another one. The company failed to stand behind the product. Our old turbo cat lasted almost 14 years with no problems in the same house! The people were friendly but the end result was failure. (MD NOTES: We believe the new TurboCat worked so well that it clogged up the new vacuum in a terrible way. Please note that hair and all the debris picked up, goes through the fan turbine blades and can damage it - user failure - not product failure according to the manufacturer. If your home has pets or lots of debris we highly recommend an electric attachment kit such as Stealth II. It fits all central vacuums ever made with out modifications to your system. Call us toll-free for assurance.)

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