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3 star user rating.

Jul 10 2014 10:15PM
Comments not provided.

3 star user rating.

Jan 30 2012 6:07AM

I was very disappointed in the quality of the hose. It is much very flimsy. Not heavy as the original. I do like the telescoping wand.

3 star user rating.

May 14 2011 5:28PM

We ordered this TurboCat after Christmas 2010. When I opened the box there was a plastic bit in the box. Turns out the "dogears" on each side of the outlet piece, where the unit attaches to the hose were broken off. These don't affect the operation, but perhaps should have sent up a red flag. After the third use, the base plate broke at a screw point near the outside roller causing the roller to continually pop out of its seat. The unit is OK, but I have to order a base plate. According to TurboCat, the part is covered under warranty but I have to pay shipping. I figure shipping probably costs more than the part!!! I have ordered several items from MD and have been VERY pleased. I must say I am less than pleased with my TurboCat. I suppose someone has to get the lemon. (MD NOTES: No lemons from MD! We will make good on this without shipping even though the manufacturer didn't.)

3 star user rating.
Nov 13 2010 8:41AM

I purchased the TurboCat Attachment Kit. The telephone Rep was great in helping me choose the correct attachments and hose. I rated the kit with three stars because it seems less durable than the kit I had in my previous home. I like that it is light weight, but again seems less durable than I am accustomed to...time will tell.

3 star user rating.
Apr 19 2009 11:47AM

When it doesn't seize up it works great but we have dogs and the hair builds up inside the roller ends until the unit stops working and has to be disassembled to remove the hair. It should seal better so this doesn't happen all the time. (NOTE: If you have pet hair we highly suggest upgrading your hose and nozzle to an electric one. There is nothing you need to change to your system, no matter the brand, model, or year. Take a look http://builtinvacuum.com/hoses/upgradetoelectric.html).

3 star user rating.
May 25 2008 8:46AM

the caret piece -turbocat- is not as powerful as i expected.

3 star user rating.

Jan 7 2008 1:12PM

The brush works reasonably well however I wish it wouldn't make ridges which are very noticeable in the frieze carpet I recently installed. The hose kinks up frequently, but I understand from other comments that it improves with stretching and hanging. The part that troubles me the most is the lack of a sturdy connection between the metal wands. I have carried the unit down the steps only to have the wands separate and the brush and wand go tumbling down the steps scratching/chipping my wooden steps and drywall. I also wish I ordered a powerhead with a light. The on/off switch is a definite asset as well as the lightness.

3 star user rating.
Oct 8 2007 7:53AM

Worked like it had been advertised, still would like to see more improvement on the extender pole staying together. Thanks (MD NOTES: We'd be glad to replace the wands for anyone having difficulty with them.)

3 star user rating.

Oct 20 2006 7:28AM

it was a little flimsy, not like the org. mfg. one. we returned it and spend a little more for the org. OEM product..

3 star user rating.

Jun 25 2006 6:49PM

Works a lot better than our old model but I like the old wands better due to positively locking in place instead of pushing into each other also the old wands were longer which is nice so we don't have to bend over as far.

3 star user rating.

Apr 17 2006 8:42AM

I love the turbocat and the fact that there is a power switch for the vacuum on the handle, but I don't like the fact that the regular hard floor attachment falls off quite easily.

(MD NOTES: The is now a new hard floor tool in the Deluxe Kit that stays on perfectly.)

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