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2 star user rating.
Mar 15 2016 3:24AM

Works well enough but the high pitched whine is unbearable. This should be mentioned so people can plan ahead and buy ear protection.

(MD Notes: We have reached out to this customer with options to remedy this issue.)

2 star user rating.

Oct 3 2009 2:38PM

I do not really think this was all that great. It did not pick up like I thought it should, than died on me 8 months later. Not really pleased with this product, but have no choice since my house has the system in it...( Black rubber trim hits boarders and rubs off on the walls, more work in cleaning) (MD NOTES: The Turbocat bumper has been very good at not leaving marks. We rarely, if ever, get that report. The larger issue here is the failure of the unit. It should be taken completely apart and cleaned. The hair and debris all travel through the turbine and can bind up. For homes where this is an issue, mainly long hair or pet hair, please buy an Electric Kit. They all fit where this kit would fit without any changes.)

2 star user rating.

Mar 15 2009 3:48PM

The product is great but I would have liked to get an instructional manual with the kit. (NOTE: Manual included.)

2 star user rating.

Dec 19 2006 6:30AM

This powder head doesn't seem to be working as well as the old one did. Not sure it is always turning until I lift it up.

2 star user rating.

Sep 21 2006 8:45AM

The TurboCat Zoom does an OK job, but often I have to go over the carpet 2-3 times just to pick up a piece of lint. The suction is average at best.

(MD NOTES: Suction comes from the vacuum canister. If it is lower than average to begin with, the TurboCat will make it even lower because the air has to go through a very small hole and spin a turbine. So instead, we highly recommend a complete electric kit such as the Stealth Kit. It fits into all central vacuums ever made without any modifications. The electric hose that comes with it has wire hidden in the hose and the end of the hose that plugs into the wall has an 8-foot cord sticking out that plugs into a nearby electrical outlet please click on your brand to the left for more information.)

2 star user rating.

Jul 31 2006 7:32PM

I appreciate the opportunity to register this opinion. I am very

disappointed in the performance of this powerhead. I had previously

owned the step below this and when it was new, it was far superior to

this unit. I assumed, since this was the most expensive powerbrush,

it would be better. sadly, it;s not. the brush

hardly turns even on a flat weave carpet. vincent misiano

(MD NOTES: It is important to have a clean and powerful central vacuum unit in order to spin a Turbocat brush. Especially the TurboCat Zoom since it has two rows of bristles rotating on the carpet.)

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