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3 star user rating.
Feb 18 2019 10:25AM

Border Colllie/Golden Retriever cross dog - her hair will stick to my old short plush carpet such that even the new TurboCat Zoom can't pick it up unless I hold the head slightly elevated from the floor. Disappointing and exhausting.

(BIV Notes: Air Driven powerheads are relying on the suction power of the unit in the garage or basement to turn the beater bar as well as pick up debris and are not the best choice for pet hair. For a better performing central vacuum carpet tool, upgrade to any one of our Electric Kits)

3 star user rating.
Mar 31 2016 4:04AM
Comments not provided.

3 star user rating.

May 2 2015 2:55AM


Once bearing issue was fixed (see below) unit operates better (speed/power) compared to my previous unit. Vee belt seems to be an improvement over flat belts. Got to keep in mind that vacuum can only produce a small amount of energy as compared to an electrically driven power head.

Down side:

Brush head impinges pet fur pretty tightly on the brushes and has to be laboriously removed by hand each use. One of the bronze bearings overheated melting some of the adjacent plastic on first use. Disassembled and removed melted plastic and now unit operates at a noticeably faster speed.

3 star user rating.
Apr 3 2015 5:14AM

I spent the extra money and bought the TurboCat Zoom because the description said it was quieter than the original turbo cat. I was disappointed to find it is no quieter.

(MD Notes: We are sorry to hear this customer is dissatisfied with the noise level of the TurboCat Zoom. We are reaching out to the customer to resolve this issue.)

3 star user rating.

Nov 4 2014 10:48AM
Comments not provided.

3 star user rating.

Apr 29 2011 3:41PM

Not great. Don't expect it to clean even flat nap area rugs. (MD NOTES: We highly suggest considering an Electric Kit over an Air-Driven Kit like this. Every home with any central vac can have Electric without any modifications to the existing system. See your brand page for more details.)

3 star user rating.

Jan 20 2009 5:28PM

The Turbo cat seems to work as billed. The 35 ft hose however, came crimped at several points and is obviously much thinner than my original hose which is still uncrimped/bent after 10 years of use. (NOTE: Customer was assured that the new technology hoses are durable and assume their original shape after being pinched. If that was not the case they are covered under warranty for two years.)

3 star user rating.
Jan 5 2009 6:23AM

A dissapointment. I was expecting better perfomance. (NOTE: We highly suggest using an Electric Kit. All the Electric Kits offered here fit into every application an air driven kit such as the TurboCat fits into. There are no modifications needed.)

3 star user rating.
Jan 2 2008 1:48PM

It works and we're generally happy with it as a replacement for the broken unit. However, it does seem to get jammed up more frequently with dog hair wrapped around the axles on the sides. Of course, we have a Bernese Mountain Dog, so it is a bit of an "extreme environment".

3 star user rating.
May 21 2007 6:47AM

I like the cleaning action of the TurboCat but it is very sensitive to anything other than dust. This is my second replacement due to picking up a small object and jamming the roller bars.

3 star user rating.
Feb 14 2007 8:14AM

Not very powerful

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