Upper Shroud for Belt for TurboCat

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Nov 5 2008 7:16PM
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5 star user rating.

Jan 11 2007 5:00PM

Needed new shrouds as old ones finally wore out after too many years. The problem arose when I early-on took out the brush assembly, cleaned out the dog hair from it's innards and re-assembled it disregarding the end slot orientation. This caused

a bind in the roller which wore againset the shrouds. Over the

the years, this set up a clatter which was totally untollerable

and affected cleaning performance.

Installation of the replacement parts made Turbocat almost as good as new.

Incidently, when my faulty service action resulted in the described

damage, I paniced and bought a Turbocat II, which I alternate with the Turbocat when one slows a little due to excess dog fur and want to hold off a cleaning and maintenance routine (not less than


disassembly for cleaning and lubricating. Thanks for making these

products available.

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Upper Shroud for Belt for TurboCat

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