Vac-U-Reach Universal Up-and-Over Cleaning Tool

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5 star user rating.
Jun 8 2021 4:11AM


5 star user rating.
May 31 2021 6:55AM

The vacureach is a versatile tool for reaching those awkward areas around the home. Upon arrival, the first time I attempted to use it, it cracked about 2 inches. I contacted MD and within 2 days I had a replacement . Good company and great products!

5 star user rating.

Jul 13 2020 6:23AM

his is light weight and fits my vacuum hose. A great help in reaching tops of cabinets and above windows and doors.

5 star user rating.
Jun 8 2020 6:57AM

Exactly what was needed, works as advertised, might get another one

3 star user rating.
Feb 7 2020 4:21PM

Works well

1 star user rating.
Jul 31 2018 9:13AM

Vac-U-Reach did not fit any my attachments. I called customer service, and the person I spoke to offered to send me another one. I declined the offer knowing it would be futile. She then offered to credit my bill for the cost of the Vac-U-Reach. Very commendable,

5 star user rating.
Feb 16 2018 12:44PM

Really works on fans and window frames

1 star user rating.
Mar 20 2017 7:24AM

I have purchased other hose parts from MD Vac and have been satisified with the quality. However, would not recommend purchase of this tool. The tool was bought to use at the end of extension wands to clean the ceiling fans and tops of cabinets. The two halves of the up-and-over tool are not well put together at the seam and when used with 18" plastic wands it split apart at the seam rendering it useless.

(MD Notes: We apologize that the customer received a defective item. We reached out to the customer with a couple of options to help remedy this issue.)

5 star user rating.

Sep 11 2016 12:43AM
Comments not provided.

2 star user rating.

Jun 27 2016 9:12AM

Concept is great. Allows for easy access of hard to get places. BUT - this item is constructed of two molded plastic halves. The second time it was used, the item cracked right along the join line of the two halves. If it is a seam fail, poor QC is at stake. If it is just inherent in the way its manufactured, it's simply a poor design. Either way it failed and required a crazy glue and duct tape fix. We'll see how long that will last. Disappointing for sure.

(MD Notes: MD reached out the customer with a couple of options to help remedy this matter. Customer was satisfied with the outcome.)

Update from customer on 06/27/16:

First, thank you for your fast reply.

Secondly, having spent my last five years, before retiring in 2014, as VP of Customer Service and Supply Chain for a US Manufacturer, I will say your Customer Service is excellent. I think only a company who values their customers, as M.D. Manufacturing seems to, knows how terribly important it is to get customer feedback and to solve their issues as quickly as possible.

Lastly, I appreciate the two solutions for the Vac-U-Reach you have offered. I will choose the first i.e. replacement, since no matter the outcome I will still be in charge of cleaning the blinds and other dusty things.

Having a whole house vacuum system is great and I can see that there will likely be items, either replacement or new, that I'll be needing in the future. When that occurs, I will look to M.D. Manufacturing first.

5 star user rating.

Feb 8 2016 3:40PM

works great to clean the overhead ceiling fans

5 star user rating.

Mar 15 2015 2:35PM

Glad we purchased this item. It is quite helpful and does make a difference when vacuuming on the top of furniture or cabinets.

5 star user rating.
Aug 15 2014 7:32AM
Comments not provided.

5 star user rating.

Aug 10 2014 8:37PM

This works so well for ledges and coffered ceilings.

5 star user rating.
May 26 2014 12:41PM

Love, love, love this vac accessory! It's perfect for cleaning the top of anything tall: it eliminates the need to drag out a step stool, and most importantly it gets the brush attachment at the correct angle for cleaning any high horizontal surface. Thank you very much for making it available!

5 star user rating.
Dec 5 2013 4:31PM
Comments not provided.

5 star user rating.
Nov 22 2013 6:12AM
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