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1 star user rating.
Dec 18 2021 1:49PM

This hose crimps very easily. The extra length is wonderful but i would prefer a longer option for the other better quality hose. Very disappointed in the quality of this particular hose.

MD Notes: We have contacted the customer to remedy the issue

1 star user rating.

May 20 2021 9:53AM

still waiting on instructions on how to return the hose. I want to exchange it for another.

MD Notes: We have contacted the customer regarding instructions for the return.

1 star user rating.
Nov 26 2019 7:31AM

The hose is fine, but the attachments fall off regularly. Makes vacuuming a chore and not enjoyable.

(MD Notes: We have reached out to the customer to remedy the issue.)

1 star user rating.

Nov 5 2019 4:40PM

Hose broke away from handle and will not stay in when put back

MD Notes: We reached out to the customer and offered three options in order to resolve the issue described above. As of January 2020, we have yet to hear back from customer.)

1 star user rating.

May 13 2019 5:13AM

This hose manages to be bith flimsy and unweildy. I don?t like anything about it. Will replace asap.

(MD Notes: This is a top quality central vacuum hose, made to be crushproof so the plastic has the ability to biouce right back after being stepped on or crushed in any way. We apologize it is not satisfactory and hope to hear from you soon to return.)

1 star user rating.
Feb 5 2019 7:06AM

Disappointed that the size of the ends of the hose are smaller than my original ones. Therefore, the ends don't fit snuggly into the wall piece. Also, the other end of hose doesn't fit snuggly into the end of the wand. Had to apply duct tape to the ends to make them fit.

(BIV Notes: All items on our site have a 30-day money back guarantee and can be returned easily if items do not work with your system)

1 star user rating.

Dec 3 2017 4:45PM

Not useable. Does not turn on Nutone central vac when inserted. In wall outlet my Nutone central vac is 30 years old model CD-400. The wall outlets are model 360. The old hose is model 372, 32ft standard hose. I will have to return for credit.

(MD Notes: We spoke to the customer and offered a few solutions to resolve his concern. The customer agreed to try the necessary hose adapter for his non-standard Nutone inlet valves.)

1 star user rating.

Aug 21 2017 5:15AM

This hose does not fit my sears central vacuum system installed in 1981. The descriptions made me think it would work

(Md Notes: Kenmore systems with non-standard inlet valves will require an adapter. We reached out to the customer with a couple of options to help resolve.)

1 star user rating.

Apr 26 2016 8:08AM

It is very hard to make the connection to make the metal strip turn on the vacuum not very happy with this hose

(MD Notes: We have reached out to this customer with options to remedy this issue.)

1 star user rating.

Dec 30 2015 12:32PM

The vacuum hose could've not connect with wall outlet because it was too large. So the hose is useless for our home I hard bought it the previous hose that I had also bought from that was too small and kept losing contact

(MD Notes: The issue is being remedied to allow the hose to fit into the customer's non-standard inlets.)

1 star user rating.

Nov 27 2015 9:37AM

I used this new hose for the first time today and it broke before I even finished. Obviously, poor quality. I would like to return it or a full refund

(MD Notes: We have contacted customer to resolve issue. Please note that the ends of this hose are threaded ends that are screwed onto the hose itself. Once tightened, the ends do not come off the hose.)

1 star user rating.
Oct 6 2015 10:28AM

The nozzle end of the hose fell off in the first couple of uses and had to be screwed in. When I called I was told this is the way it comes and I could trim the hose !

(MD Notes: We regret to hear that the nozzle end of the hose fell off. The ends of the basic hose are threaded and simply twist on to the hose. We have reached out to the customer to ensure satisfaction.)

1 star user rating.

Aug 15 2015 7:14PM

I thought I was buying a Nutone adaptable hose and it doesn't fit my outlet. I discovered this after I put the sock on it too. So now I have to remove the sock and return the hose.

(MD Notes: We sincerely apologize that our basic hose with standard end did not fit in the Nutone inlet. Please note that we offer a basic hose with Nutone adapter for the proprietary Nutone inlet valves. We contacted the customer to help facilitate the return of this hose back to our facility at our cost.)

1 star user rating.

Aug 12 2015 9:13PM

overpriced and very cheap hose

(MD Notes: We contacted the customer to determine alternate hose options best suited for his specific cleaning needs.)

1 star user rating.

Mar 22 2015 9:23AM

The flexible hose is surprisingly lightweight but kinks (blocks the airflow) often and came detached from the end piece the first time I used it. Continually have to shove it bank in place. Poorly made. Definitely would not recommend.

(MD Notes: We are sorry to hear this customer was not satisfied with this item. We are reaching out to the customer to resolve this issue.)

1 star user rating.
Feb 9 2015 8:39AM

After the second use of this hose, the nozzle separated from the hose and cannot be reconnected. I expect a full replacement of the hose and nozzle or a full refund of my purchase price.

(MD Notes: We sincerely apologize that you received a defective hose. We've issued a return shipping label and will replace hose right away.)

1 star user rating.

Jan 6 2015 10:55AM

I have had this hose for 4 months and it keeps separating from the metal end. I had my previous hose for more than 30 years without every having this happen. Yes, the hose is very lightweight, but it kinks easily and is constantly twisted. I wish my previous hose had not split...I'd prefer to drag around a heavier hose that does not separate, kink, and fall apart.

1 star user rating.

Sep 15 2014 5:20AM

The only nice aspect of this hose is how light weight it is compared to my original hose. However, it easily becomes twisted and tangled. While vacuuming and trying to untwist it, the hose detached from silver suction wand. (This was during the first week after purchase.) At times the hose kinks and suction is lost. It also collapses if you accidentally step on it. I would not recommend this hose.

(MD Notes: We apologize the hose received did not meet expectations. We sent a shipping label to return the hose back to our facility for evaluation and will ship the customer a new hose. We apologize for the inconvenience.)

1 star user rating.
Feb 12 2013 3:56AM

did not work was sent back

(MD Notes: Adapters are available to accommodate non-standard inlet valves)

1 star user rating.
Jun 22 2012 8:04AM

The hose I received was damaged and literally unraveled so that the hose was almost in 2 pieces. It was barely attached to the other section and hanging on by a thread of plastic. I am very disappointed in the poor quality of this hose. (MD NOTES: We are getting this hose back ASAP for warranty replacement. We urge our customers to consider the Low Voltage Hose as a replacement to the Basic Hose for better quality and functionality.)

1 star user rating.
Sep 27 2011 6:48AM

hose broke off at end! no flexibility. i had previous hose 15 years! not 1 (MD NOTES: This is unexceptable and we will make this right ASAP.)

1 star user rating.
Jul 16 2011 6:47AM

The hose itself separates from the metal/plastic handle very easily. It is very difficult to put back together and taping it in place doesn't work either. (MD NOTES: We are terribly sorry for this. We will contact you for more information and how to resolve it. The hose is "screwed" into the cuff counterclockwise and should stay there.)

1 star user rating.

Jul 11 2011 3:32AM

I purchased the wrong hose initially and then had to spend $14 to return it. I was expecing to get a Nutone hose when the second one arrived and instead it's a cheap imitation. I will not order anything again unless it's from a Nutone dealer.

However, the shipping on the second hose was waived so I appreciated that. (MD NOTES: Our regrets here, the hose we sell seems to be of lower quality but is not. Those who are used to the older, heavier, firmer, hoses have this initial reaction. In our experience, once you get used to the newer, better, hose you will prefer it. We understand the frustration and we missed the opportunity to meet your expectations. FYI: Nutone dealers sell both types of hoses, usually, but we only carry the newer ones.)

1 star user rating.
Jun 15 2011 10:25AM

THE HOSE I GOT WAS GOING TO FIT 98% OF THE VAC SYSTEM. BUT THE HOSE DID NOT FIT MINE. I WOULD NOT CALL THIS A GOOD BUY. I ALSO GAVE THE MODEL NUMBER OF THE VAV SYSTEM AND STILL GOT THE WRONG HOSE HAROLD BEASLEY (MD NOTES: Filtex brand has two different valve widths. We try to direct to the correct hose needed, but that may not always work out. We will help the customer get the correct end needed so he can use this new hose.)

1 star user rating.

Apr 9 2011 8:35AM

I ordered this hose which was listed as compatible with my two-pin vacuum outlet. I was surprised when the hose arrived with a completely plastic end connector. Fortunately, I was able to salvage the old hose connector and replace the "new" one. I also quickly found that the new hose, while lighter, was much more prone to crimping and tangling than the older hose. I am not optimistic that this hose will last as long as the older one did (8 years). (MD NOTES: The Basic Hose with Tapered Cuff was purchased. It has an all plastic end, yet the regular Basic Hose has some metal on the end. Regarding the hose, it is more pliable, but just a durable. After some time you'll be able to use it with it kinking less.)

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