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WallyFlex Auxiliary Hose

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5 star user rating.
Mar 17 2021 1:47PM
Comments not provided.

5 star user rating.

May 29 2017 8:21PM

Wonderful! I installed this in my laundry room and it is just perfect to clean out the lint trap and other debris in and around the room! Great Purchase !

5 star user rating.

May 21 2014 7:26AM

We just built a new house and I knew I wanted this in my bathrooms but I didn't want to see it, so I had them install them in the closet, it's out of the way but perfect to vacuum up my hair and anything around the bathroom. I keep attachments in there so I can sweep the bathroom as well without getting the 35' hose out. This is PERFECT for quick clean ups.

5 star user rating.

May 15 2014 7:59AM

Love my new Wallyflex. I had it installed in the washer and dryer room. Now I can easily vacuum the lint off the dryer filter, and the tube fits in the dryer filter vent area, and keeps it clean from lint. Before, I had to have the central vac hose on the floor, to do this. Not anymore. Love love love it !!!! Very neat. Thank you MD

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WallyFlex Auxiliary Hose

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