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2 star user rating.

Feb 24 2010 7:38AM

Actually wound up using the Magic Holder as it will hold up to 5 wands, brooms, or mops using friction balls. Better efficiency.

2 star user rating.
Sep 7 2009 8:30AM

Too hard to insert and remove items. For instance hangers with loose rollers the lock items in place by gravity.

2 star user rating.

Sep 27 2007 6:50PM

I have trouble securing my Stealth vacuum attachment on this, and when I do, I'm always afraid that it is not that secure. For plastic wands, it's great. MD NOTES: WE USE IT DAILY WITH OUR STEALTH WAND AND HEAD ATTACHED. FOR STEALTH II, INSERT METAL SIDE OF WAND, NOT PLASTIC SIDE.

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Wand Wall Clamp

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