4-Piece Central Vacuum Accessory Set

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3 star user rating.

Aug 30 2020 9:03AM

My rating for the 12-inch floor brush is 3 stars because I was told something by a MD Manufacturing rep over the phone prior to my ordering that was not the case. I asked if the black 12-inch floor brush with more rounded corners came in white and I was told "yes." I received the white squared-off rectangular 12-inch floor brush which I did not want--mainly because of the short brush bristles in the front. I called M.D. twice, and the rep apologized and refunded my money. The company does offer good customer service, and I applaud them for that.

3 star user rating.
Jul 6 2020 6:35AM

The parts did not work with my system.

3 star user rating.
Jun 8 2020 6:59AM

not used, but might be. can't rate that.

3 star user rating.

May 1 2020 6:06AM

wood floor sweep attachment works ok but tends to "snow plow" dirt and hair rather than funnel it underneath to be sucked up, unless i'm doing somthing wrong

3 star user rating.
Apr 29 2020 5:29AM

Did not receive a four piece set, but did get a 12 inch swivel head brush. The brush did not fit my shark. Managed to find tubes that fit,but loosly, and taped them together to make it work if used carefully. For that reason,I give it a three.Othetwise,the brush seemed to perform well.

MD Notes: These accessories are not designed for use with hand-held or upright vacuum systems. They will fit onto wands/tubes that measure 1.25in in diameter.

3 star user rating.

Jul 11 2019 10:29AM

This is the 2nd type of end I bought from you. The first was for 2 as I have 2 homes. Since this did not work I bought only one of a different type this time. My first review was never posted as it was not 5 star. But I owned that it was partially my mistake. This 2nd purchase still has the same issues as the first. The end is too long to pick up all the dirt that a shorter end will. I will now have to search for a shorter end. Sadly they will be black which mars my white woodwork resulting in more cleaning by me. But as I am not able to get up all the dirt using your ends I will have to find another way. My unit is NuTone and works beautifully with the original attachment. It has worn over years of use hence my need for a new one. I am not a return person. Not something I like to do so that is not an option. But you should post my reviews so people can see what the shortcoming is and base a purchase on fact not fic tion. Thanks.

(MD Notes: We reached out to the customer asking to resubmit her initial review as we do not have record of it in out system. We post all reviews (good and bad) on our site as we take customer feedback very seriously.)

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