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Price, Warranty, Comparison

What is the typical price for a Silent Master unit (by itself)? I am finding lower prices on units that are rated higher than Silent Master on the internet. Is your warranty better?


Our warranty is now 12 years and transferrable. It covers all the electrical and is lifetime for manufacturing defects. True, the SilentMaster may cost more, but it comes with tremendous customer service, is made in the USA, has all metal construction, and the best filtration while maintaining great suction. For cost on please call 800-997-2278.

Install into Existing Homes?

We've had a Silent Master for 10 years and just love it. We are getting ready to move to a smaller home and it doesn't have a central vac. Can a Silent Master be added to an existing home? I don't think I could go back to a regular vacuum cleaner again. Patti

Yes, the SilentMaster can be added to an existing home without opening up any walls. Pipes are ran into the wall from below or above and then to the garage or basement where the Silent Master is located.

Inlet Valve On/Off Issue

I bought a home that has a silent master vac and the only way to turn the vac on is to go into the basement and manually turn the unit on by the switch. Is there any way to make the unit turn on by the ports that are in the house? The ports all have two metal stubs that look like they should activate the vac when the hose plugs into them.

The unit will turn on via the inlets being shorted. If that is not happening please follow our easy to use troubleshooting flowchart to discover where the problem is.

Powerful Suction Now Weaker

As a handyman, I have a client with the Silent Master central vacuum, installed 6 yrs. ago. They are not happy with the suction, and would like to upgrade to a more powerful unit. Can you suggest a replacement? Thanks! Neal


We usually find that there is another issue when someone states that about their central vacuum. For instance, on two motors systems, one motor may be out. Or they are developing a clog. Try using the troubleshooting chart. Go through all the steps so you do a complete test of everything.

Finding Model Number

Where can I find the model & serial number on the Silent Master unit? I would like to register. Thank you, Judy Carlson


There is a metal plate or label on the right lower side of the unit with that information. You may have to use a mirror or take the unit off the wall if you don't have sufficient access to that side of the unit.

Replace Existing Central Vacuum with SilentMaster

we currently have a 13 year old fx500 can we update to the new silent master without any major problems


There will be no major problems replacing any central vacuum with a Silent Master. You will hang the SilentvMaster on its own bracket, use the existing wire and use the pipe (and you may have to add to or take away pipe for it to fit).

Come with Attachments?

Does the silent master central vacuum come with the attachment's, or must these be purchased separately?


The Silent Master is sold alone so that you can decide what attachments are best for your home. Having the right attachments makes the difference when owning a central vacuum.

Quote for 4300 sqft Home

My home is approximately 4300sf. - Which Model Silent Master do you recommend? How much current is needed 110v or 220v? What is the cost? - What home accessory package do you recommend? - I have wood floors and tile. - I have window blinds and ceiling fans. - I have pets - I also would like the car kit. Could you give me a list with prices of the items listed above. Thank You

Hello, thank you for considering the SilentMaster Central Vacuum! Please call us for list prices on vacuum units. We'd rather not put that here, plus the prices may change but this posting will not so we have to be general. Nevertheless we will answer your questions. You have the choice of voltage, we make the unit in both. For that size home we recommend the model S4 or S2, but lean towards the S4 for it powerful suction over super high air movement. When it comes the kit you need, if you have any carpeting (especially with pets), the best solution is the electric powered kits, and the best one is the Stealth Kit. It sells for around $550 and includes what you need for the items to be cleaned in your home. We do make some specialty items but you have to get these right away. The car, or garage, kit comes in original and ultimate and cost from around $100 to $200.

Leaving Hose Plugged In

Does it matter if I leave the suction hose plugged in when not in use? Jan

Hello Jan, you can leave the hose plugged into the wall port, but if the pressure where your unit is becomes greater than in your home then air will flow from the dirty vacuum into your home via the hose. That's not a good thought.

Compare to Beam...Only Need Stealth?

How do you feel that your product compares to beam? I'm thinking about replacing my old unit and i want to get something that will work better than the beam unit that I have. Will I be happy just buying the new stealth unit to go with my beam or would i be better off buying a new silent master also? I have about 2000 sq ft


Starting off with the Stealth Kit is a great way to go and less expensive than replacing a functioning vacuum. When the Beam dies consider the Silent Master for its filtration, quietness, power, and quality.

New Homeowner with SilentMaster

We bought our house - with this wonderful built-in Silent Master S2 vacuum system - about a year ago, but I have no instruction manual. I used the one replacement bag the sellers left, so I'm ordering the 721 bags. The Q&A above helped with how to deal with the cloth filter and all, but I'm not clear about anything else that needs changing or other maintenance I should be doing. Is a manual available? I do notice that the rubber gasket on the canister cover is coming loose and allowing air leakage. Can I get a replacement gasket? John Phillips Camarillo, CA


Congratulations on the new home and owning a SilentMaster. You bought the correct bags, the #721H-5 (now replaced by 720HF-5). Here are some resources for you: Silent Master Manual, accessories, replacement parts and upgrades, replacement lid gasket. If you need anything else please let us know. The system is really easy to take care of - just replace the bag!

Changing from Beam to SilentMaster

If i change from a beam to a silentmaster can I use my low voltage or can i just use the power from the cord on the stealth?


Upgrading the main power unit in the garage or basement: Use the same electrical wall socket for power and also plug the existing low voltage wire into the SilentMaster. Upgrading the hose and power nozzle: The Stealth Kit plugs directly into all Beam wall inlets. The kit comes with either a direct connect 110 pin hose or a pigtail corded 110 volt version (to plug into a nearby electrical wall outlet).

Exhausting the SilentMaster

There are two exhaust ports on my unit and I want to install piping to have the exhaust sent outside my home instead of directly into the basement. I cannot find any drawings showing this exhaust configuration. How do I handle the two ports? Two separate pipes?


There are two exhaust ports and both need to be exhausted. We have seen some clever methods that combine both into a larger pipe. Also, try to keep the exhaust runs under 20 feet long.

Replacing Bottom Emptying Central Vacuum Such as Beam

I currently have a Beam central vacuum and I am considering replacing the power unit with a SilentMaster. However, I need the specifications to determine if this can be done


Silent Master is a great choice, but our Air Master Models fit directly in place of any Beam model and are a great choice for all bottom emptying power units.

Rating the SilentMaster



The consumer guide only did one article on central vacuums. We were consulted, as well as other manufacturers, but we feel the tests were not done well. Being a niche product not well understood by the public it is easy to see why there is confusion. We have written a rebuttal that will help you evaluate the best system for your needs. Also, remember that our unit is designed and assembled in the USA, is all steal, powder-coated completely, quiet and powerful. Here is the rebuttal in Microsoft Word

Replacement Bags

I have a SilentMaster in my garage that came with my house when I bought it. I need to order more bags and I don't see any distinguishing model #'s on my unit. How do I tell which model I have? Thank You, Michael R Moore


All models in SilentMaster take a disposable bag, either an open or closed one. You can find both bags choices, along with upgrade options, on our Paper Filters and Bag Filters page.

How Many Outlets Needed?

Nancy, Paducah, KY: I am building a new home - 1600 sq feet. Does there have to be an outlet for the suction hose in every room or can one outlet do for the entire house; How long are the hoses?


Most likely the home would need two traditional wall inlets with a 30-foot long hose, or a single 50-foot Hide-A-Hose. Of course, you could do one of each as well. Install the best cleaning options for your home and preference. We highly recommend a traditional vacuum inlet to cover carpeted rooms with an electric powered vacuum head. Hide-A-Hose only allows for non-electric vacuum heads which do not clean carpet as thoroughly.

Lowest Operating Temperature

What is the minimum temperature the SilentMaster operate in? I want to install one in a garage that is not heated during the night and temps can get pretty cold. Thanks Don


We have not found a non-operating low temperature. The vacuum works perfectly fine in extreme cold and heat.

240 Volt More Powerful?

What's the difference between a 110V and 240V system? I was told that a 240V system would have more air-lift, but I don't see that reflected in the specs for the Silent Master -- why not? Thanks! -- Amanda


Take a look at the specifications for each power unit model. Sometimes the 110 volt model is more powerful and sometimes the 240 volt model is stronger. It all depends on what the motor manufacturer can produce, but one is not always stronger than the other. If you are getting power put into the wall valves that will always be 110 volt to power the carpet beater head.

Fit Nutone Pre-Plumbing and Connections?

We're buying a new home and are interested in the Silent Master, However, our builder offers Nutone as it's only central vac brand option. We do have the option of having the piping pre-installed and incorporated into our mortgage without purchasing the Nutone unit and parts. Then once we move in we would buy our central vac. My question is, can the piping that would fit with the Nutone system work with M.D.'s Silent Master hose, or is piping different for each manufacturer? Can you write back promptly before noon tomorrow, Friday, if possible, as we're meeting with the builder rep to discuss this among other electrical wiring options for our home tomorrow. We didn't think we were interested in a central vac until reading your website and consumer reports. Thank you!


Go ahead and have them pipe for the Nutone vacuum system and install the wall vacuum inlets. All our hoses will fit. If you have a choice, ask for the 110 volt electrified outlets, but you don't have to use them. For the Silent Master, simply have them stub the pipe into the area for the central vacuum location. They will also stub-out the low voltage contact wire. When your home is finished you can easily hang a Silent Master vacuum and hook it up. You will need a couple elbows and some pipe which will be compatible assuming they use the standard 2 OD central vacuum pipe (not SCH40 PVC). If they use SCH40 we have an adapter that allows it to go to central vacuum pipe and elbows that connect to the central vacuum unit. If your home is under 6,000 square feet you will need a 20 amp regular electrical outlet within 5 feet of the vacuum unit. If over that size home, ask for a 30 amp circuit with a NEMA 5-30 socket. Let us know if you have any questions.

240 Volt Models Wiring Options and Receptacle Type

I am considering purchasing a S720r2 240 volt. Is this model hard wired; 3 prong or 4 prong 240 volt? Thanks Donna, MA


The S720r2 can be hardwired to three wires into a 240 volt system or plugged into a three prong 240 volt receptacle which has a vertical and horizontal and a ground.

Cyclonic vs Filtered Cyclonic vs Bag

I have heard of True cyclonic, and filtered cyclonic systems, with no bags, how is yours different, and is it better, and if so what way?


Central vacuums are the best way to clean a home. There are different ways to filter them and they are detailed in our Filtration Analysis Article. We have a preference, but we have more of a preference for every home to clean with a central vacuum no matter the brand!

Upper Level, Quiet System

I have a 1600 sg ft house on 2 levels that is currently equipped with a central vac that I wish to replace. We have no carpet in the house. Floor covering is all ceramic tile so we have no need for a powerhead for carpet. We live out in the country so have to deal with dirt, sand and of course dog hair. I would like a recommendation for an upper level(quality) and quiet system. Please advise. Jim


The SilentMaster S560r is what you are looking for. Patented, very quiet vacuum with a huge amount of suction and air movement. See the stats and compare them to any vacuum in its amps class.

Adding a Garage Kit

I own a Silent Master S5 and would like a garage kit. I do not see where and low voltage or outside hookups are on my unit. The literature from the unit is not detailed on this matter. Could you recommend a garage kit that is applicable? Thanks Karl BP Washington


The Silent Master has a switch on the back right bottom side. Plug any of the garage kits into the valve at the top front of the can and then toggle the vacuum unit on. Hope that helps and here are the Garage Kits that you can use with your system.

Explaining Water Lift and CFM

Can you please explain the difference between CFM and waterlift and their overall relationship to a vacuum's "Power" or Air-Watts ? Tim Chesapeake, Va


You need both measurements for an effective vacuum. Waterlift is something you and I can produce very well. Take a plastic bottle and suck the air out of it. The sides crush in. In fact, a person can produce more waterlift, more sealed suction, then any residential vacuum. But the difference is in the air movement or CFM. You need to move huge amounts of air to be a good vacuum. However, waterlift is very important because air movement will die out if it doesn't have force behind it. The air will stop moving without waterlift. In any vacuum, the air has to move through turns, go through reduced orifices, and ultimately lift debris and pull it in. None of that is possible without the strength behind the air flow. Without waterlift CFM slows down and the vacuum is not effective. Central vacuum motors can produce high measurements of both, which makes them so effective.

Recommendation for Hardfloors and Woodshop

2 questions: I have hardwood floors with some large antique oriental rugs that cannot have a beater bar but can be swept, eg with broom or hardwood floor attachment. What do you recommend if we're considering installing a central vac? Can we use your vac to clear up sawdust, staples, nails whatever on the floor of my husband's woodwork shop? We have a central dust collector, but avoid using it for the floor itself. thanks!


We recommend the SilentMaster Model S560r. SilentMaster will handle your home and workshop the best. It as great suction power and durability. The sawdust will all get trapped in the disposable bag, which after it is replaced, will remove all the debris from those months of usage. For the attachment kit and the rugs you probably only need a Low Voltage Hose, extension wands, standard tools, and a 12-inch floor tool with wheels for the rug, then the Manta if you have wood floors.

High Pitch Motor

My unit is 12 years old and is located in my garage. Over the last two years it has gotten louder and now has a very loud high pitched wine when it is on.Its almost a vibrating type high pitched noise. The suction is still strong. Is this a sign that the motors or some sort of muffler needs replaced? The original cloth bag broke last month so I cleaned all the filters above the motor compatment.Then I took off the bottom section where the motors are located to clean out the dust. Did I screw the three bolts in the bottom of the top section (above the motors) back on too tight? Could this be caused if I tightened the @ 15 inch bolt in the very bottom of the unit too tight? Where can I find factory trained/approved service companies to look at this? Any ideas? Thanks, Robert in Powell Ohio


The motor was bolted down too tight and the floating metal bottom moved up agains the fan assembly. It is an easy fix though. Remove the motor and tap along the seam on the side with a screw driver and hammer. The raw metal bottom section will move down and get clear of the fan. Put the motor back in and don't over tighten. You can check it by spinning the fan from the hole on the underside of the section you just move down.

Intake and Exhaust Ports on Power Unit

Trying to determine which is the inlet and the exhaust on the Silent Master. Thanks John


The intake is at the top, one on both sides. Use both or cap the other with the included cap. The hinged valve at the top center is a utility port for connecting a hose to vacuum your basement, or car and garage. Turn the power unit on via the switch on the bottom right side. The two port at the bottom side are exhaust ports. You don't need to vent the machine but if you do please use both. Hope that helps!

S560r or S500r Best for Hide-A-Hose

Hello which one is better model for hide a hose, the S560r or S500r?


We love both models. The S560r has very strong water lift (suction power), but the S500r (formerly Silent Master S2) has incredibly high air flow (air movement) which some installers prefer over suction power. If you are installing Hide-A-Hose you'll need to use the S560r because you need to suction power to pull the hose back into the system.

Upgrade to SilentMaster?

Can you upgrade your central vac? Ours is 18 years old and it seems there is not a lot of suction compared to a brand new one.


The Silent Master Model S560r would be an excellent replacement. It is strong, quiet, and excellent quality. Replacing your unit is not difficult and we or an independent dealer will help you out with that.

S44 for 4,000 sq.ft. House?

Hi, my house is 4,000sq. ft. It will have 8 inlets. It is a 2 story house+ a basement(which will have inlets). Will the s44 be a good unit to use. thanks NICK


The Silent Master Model S44 is now the S560r and it is a great choice for your home. It can handle all the vertical and horizontal runs easily in this size home.

SilentMaster vs Royal Vacuum

I am looking at purchasing a Silent Master for our home. We have a home that is approx. 2700 sq. ft. with a lot of wood floor on the bottom level of a two story house. The upper level is carpeted. I have lived in two homes with vacuum systems and didn't use them much because they just didn't clean as well as my Royal vacuum cleaner. Why would I get a Silent Master over the old heavy Royal as far as cleaning is concerned? Suzie


We have written the 7 Reason Why a Central Vacuum article for this dialogue. Please take a moment to scan it over. The main reasons are there is zero dirt recirculation, stronger suction, and it is extremely quiet compared to portables.

Exhaust from Home vs Motor Cooling Fans

Eric, Chicago I recently purchased an S500r (formerly Silent Master S2) unit. Why are there "vents" on the bottom of the unit? (I.E, not the two exhaust ports, but vents ribs cut into the side, plus air coming out around fixtures like the switch, part where the electric cord enters the unit, etc. I'm venting to the outside and it seems like it would be nice to have all the exhaust vented there! Thanks.


The vents are for air intake into the motors' cooling fans. Air needs to flow through the tops of the motors (which face down toward the ground on Silent Master units) in order to keep the armature cool. The exhaust from the air from the home is coming out the two ports. Those ports should be vented separately, not combined into one 2 pipe. Thanks for asking.

Why S2 Cost More than S44

If the S560r is more powerful than the S500r why does the S500r cost more? Also, would you consider the S500r more reliable since it has two motors running at a considerably lower RPM than the S$$? Thanks Mike from Mass


The S500r costs more because it has two motors. It is true that those two motors have been in operation for many years and the new S560r motor for a year or so, but all seems well. We where really cautious adopting the new motor for the same reasons you list, but after review and testing in house we are confident the motor well on its way to being a favorite.

Best for Dog Hair Piles

I have a 5,800 Sq Ft home in need of a new central vac. I have 3 dogs over 100lbs and 2 cats and much more concerned with the vacumms ability to clean hair than my house size. Currently we vacumm every day and change the current central vac canister twice a week. If I go with a more powerful model will I loose cleaning ability in my home? Our local retailer is telling me to us an S460r but this does not feel like enough considering the tremendous amounts of hair we are constantly cleaning. Lance in Provo Utah


The S560r would be the best model hands down. The power is simply perfect for your home and connecting it to an existing circuit in your home. You will love the large open bag or converting it to a large closed bag. All the debris compacts on itself so you can load it up and usually wait months to empty it. If you are vacuuming any hair from a rug or carpet you really need an electric power brush kit and hose such as the Stealth. It fits into any existing system.

Years of Over-Filled Debris

I am in the process of changing the bag in my Silent Master. This bag has not been changed since before we moved here and it is really full. I can't lift the bag out to change it because it is so heavy. Is there something that I am not doing right? Pam Delaware, Ohio


Thankfully this filtration design allows for misuse without any damage to the motors! You probably have 60 pounds of dirt in that filter. Isn't it amazing that it still has good suction? Even so, the bag must be changed and then routinely changed before it gets too heavy. With that much dirt you have two options. Start scooping it out or take the unit off the wall and tip it over outside. See the instructions here for how to replace the bag. If you have any questions please let us know we are still here in California producing central vacuums.

Model S5 Wiring, Strength, Exhaust

I have a Dirt Devil central vacuum system in my home currently. It was installed when I had the 1st and 2nd floors only with about 5600 sq ft of space. I just finished my basement with another 2800 sq ft of space. Is the S900r the best choice for me? I want something with enough suction power, but is there any ramifications to having too much suction? The Dirt Devil is currently vented to the outside. From reading, I know I have to run two exhausts. What size wire do I have to run for the 120v model and what size for the 240v model? Do you recomend the 120v or 240v model? Thanks


The SilentMaster S900r will be fine for your home and the size. It will not be too much power. We don't have a preference for the voltage of the unit. The 120 volt unit needs a 30 amp circuit and 10 gauge wire on a NEMA 5-30 receptacle socket. The 240 volt unit needs 12 gauge wire on a 20 amp circuit to a regular 240 volt socket. Please run two exhaust runs if you need to exhaust the unit. The exhaust has a vacuum odor, but no dust to speak of. If you have any questions please let us know.

Install Outside?

we have an existing unit installed outside on the side of our house. can the silent master unit be installed outside as well??


Installing the all steel, powder-coated, SilentMaster outside it doable. Of all the central vacs it will probably last the longest. While it is not recommended, some installations have no other choice and so the SilentMaster is a great fit. Build some kind of roof for it or walls will keep it cleaner and protected. Do not fully enclose it unless you can open a door to let it breathe while in use.

S44 or S5?

Considering Silent Master with Hide-A-Hose system for a new construction 4800 sq ft home (3000 sq ft hardwoods/1800 sq ft low-pile carpet). Dealer recommends S560r with TurboZoom floorpack and add a couple extra standard outlets should we need powerhead in the future). What's your recommendation on S560r vs S900r units. 110v or 240v? Might want to tie in workshop and/or unfinished bonus room to the system later on. Thanks! Doug - Burlington NC


Thank you for the excellent question Doug. The S560r and S900r are both perfect for this set up with their high water lift. The S900r (formerly Silent Master S5) will have more power with its air flow and that is always a good thing when cleaning. The S900r requires more installation set up with the wiring, breaker, and receptacle requirements. The voltage differences do not have a positive or negative, your call on that based on your preference.

One Motor Out

We have a two motor system that apparently has only one motor operating. It is 16 yrs old and has not been used for 10 yrs or so because of low suction. I trouble shot it finally and find that one of the motors is not working. Are there circuit breakers or is there wiring I can check before having to buy a new motor?


We are so glad you are looking into this. We hope your properly working central vacuum becomes your best vacuum ever. Most likely you should replace both motors for over $200 and start fresh. The working motor will have little life left on it if the vacuum was ran for a decade. There are two minibreakers on the right side bottom, but they may not be popped out. Note that both motors will spin rapidly when one is dead because of the draft. Go through the motor replacement steps so you can get to the motors for more testing if you want. Also note that a bad motor may suddenly run for 1 to 10 minutes then die.

Model Recommendation, Beam Q Compatible?

What would be the best system for a 4500 sf home, 3 levels (approx 50/50 hardwoods and carpets)...small children and 2 large dogs? The dealer recommended S500r, but he did not know what the S560r was when I asked about it. Also, do you see a problem with using an MD vacuum unit with the Beam QS powerhead? We like several of the convenience features of the Beam QS vs. the Stealth (on board telescoping wand, onboard tools, height adjustment via foot pedal). Thanks, Bill


We recommend our newer model S560r for your home. And yes, the Beam Q fits into our direct connect inlets and works perfectly with our system. We wish you can feel and see the quality difference in the vacuum head. The Italian Stealth brush is really second to none. Thank you for asking.

Odor Issue at Main Unit

I have a silent master and change the bags often, but there is an awful dirty like odor that comes through when I use it. Is there something you can put in it to stop the smell? Thank you Jeannie Memphis


We have developed Free Flow Central Vacuum Maintenance Sheets to clear out the internal pipes and deodorize the main unit. They are very popular and work very well.

Connecting to Detached Garage

my grandmother is looking at a silent master vacuum and she would like to know if the main unit can be places in the garage which is not connected to the house and if the pipe line could be run into the house from the garage thank you joel tilamook oregon

Yes, we often run the vacuum line and low voltage wire under ground to a detached garage. Use 3" diameter irrigation pipe (without holes) and fittings with the vac pipe and wire inside. It acts as a protector and vapor barrier.

Recommendation for Home with Woodshop and Dogs

I have approx. 2000sq. ft. not including a two car garage that I want to have vacuum access for also. I do some woodworking in the garage. I have all hard floors (stone or cork) and a few large area rugs. Main thing- I have four hairy dogs. I want to install a vacuum unit in a utility room behind the garage (which is below the one floor living level.) Which unit makes the most sense for me? I have been reviewing the SilentMaster. Thank you, Don South Pasadena, CA.


We recommend our SilentMaster S560r and Stealth Kit. The power of the unit will be excellent for pushing through everything including wood chips and the Stealth Kit is best for hair. There are dealers in your area that can help you with the purchase. Please use our dealer locator. Thank you.

Power Brush Recommendation - Lots of Pet Hair

Hi, read through all the questions here......confused about which electric brush to get?? Plan on getting S560r or S900r (2 story with walkout basement 3000 sq. Ft.......issue is pet hair....4 golden retrievers!!! Lots of is 90% hardwood with oriental throw rugs ( rugs really hold onto those hairs! )......also..we have 120v and 240v outlets here...all things considered, which would you use? Stealth 12 inch better than 14 inch?? Thanks. M.K. St. Charles, IL.


As of 2015, both Stealth head widths work extremely well with hair. The hair rarely gets stuck in the brushes or around the bearing casing. This makes the best selling Stealth Kit even more durable and long lasting. Your home has little carpet, but because of the dog's hair on the oriental rugs we highly recommend Stealth because it will pick up the hair and be gentle on the rugs as you dial in one of 12 height positions.

Installing a SilentMaster Central Vacuum

I just purchased a home which I had plumbed for central vacuum. Now I am considering (among others) a SilentMaster unit. But the sellers I've contacted do not offer installation. They say this is easy to do and in fact it doesn't look difficult. But to be certain, I wonder if you're willing to share the installer's manual. Specific questions I have involve how the pipe attaches to the can at the top, and how I have to connect the exhausts should I decide to vent the unit outside at some point. Also, I see the unit should be mounted 6" from the floor and 24" from anything above it, but can it be mounted higher? And does the unit come with the 17" bracket mentioned in previous answers. And so on... Thanks. Paul, Baltimore, MD


Thank you for considering MD Vacuum. You can find the general installation manual here but they cover the installation of the parts already in your home. Your specific questions about connecting the power unit can be answered easily here. The unit's intake and exhaust fit into regular central vacuum elbows and couplings. The unit comes with the 17 bracket and you can mount it as high, and really as low, as you want it. You'll need room above it to access the filter bag. Feel free to call or email with more questions.

Power Unit Questions

I'm considering replacing the power unit for my central vacuum system in 3,000 sq ft home. What is the warranty on Silent Master? Why 16 amp motors on Silent Master? Most others have 6 - 14 amp. Doesn't higher amp consume more electricity? Your website says S500r has dual by-pass, and S560r has single by-pass. What is a by-pass?


We offer a 12-year warranty on the motors and a lifetime warranty on the all steel powder coat canister. The warranty is transferrable. The S500r (formerly Silent Master S2) model uses two motors that total 16 amps to maintain high performance throughout the home. Yes, more amps means more electricity, but also more cleaning. You can find low amp, low power units that will save electricity that will not come close to the performance of a Silent Master. All these motors are by-pass motors. This just refers to the way the air is directed out of the motor. The air doesn't blow through the armature and brushes keeping it cleaner and lasting longer. If you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact your local dealer to identify the right system for you. We have a range of models available to fit your power concerns.

Unit Replacement

We currently have an S3 system that is about 15 years old. One of the motors recently shorted out, and we are deciding between replacing the motor (or both motors) and upgrading to a new replacement system. The S560r has been recommended to us as a good replacement for the S3. Are there any potential complications in changing from the S3 to the S560r system? (Note that I'm not certain whether our S3 is 120v or 240v.) Thanks for your help.


You shouldn't have any problems replacing your old S3 with a new S560r. The all the connections for power and the pipe are the same.

Hide-A-Hose Unit Recommendations

Installing hide-a-hose in 4000sf super-insulated, new residential on two floors, probably three hose outlets with max length 50ft. House will be so airtight that we're downsizing range hood CFMs and adding a makeup air vent, so I'm leary of high CFM units and I understand a strong water lift is good for HAH. How much lift do you suggest for this? I see the S560r is only a 2-stage, yet it has as much water lift as the S460r with a 3-stage, how is this? What factors, besides those in the specification chart plus price, might I consider in deciding between S460r and S560r and F650t? What is an on-board utility valve? What is the difference between micro filtration and hyperflow? Do all of your motors use bypass cooling? Thanks, Bill from Arlington


The S900r (formerly Silent Master S5) would actually be the best choice with more than three HAH. The S560r and F650t have two stage motors that are spinning very fast in order to achieve the stats. The S460r (formerly Silent Master S4) is more traditional motor but lacks the stats for three HAH. The S900r has two of the S460r motors. The water lift is the same as the S460r but the CFM is tremendously higher. The combination of high water lift and high CFM allow the S900r to operate on 4 - 9 HAH. You will want the power to pull the HAH which means you'll have to make up for the increased CFM. For some of the other questions you have, the utility valve is a valve on the vacuum tank where you can plug in a basic hose. The micro filtration is a closed bag with higher filtering ability than the open top hyperflow bag. You have to use the open top hyperflow bag if you plan on using the utility valve because you'd have debris coming in from two ports, not one. The SilentMaster motors are bypass cooled. The F650t FloMaster is not bypass but flow thru cooled. Therefore it has a pressure relief valve on the unit to let air in if the hose end if completely sealed off. Let us know if you have more questions.

20,000 sq.ft. Church Installation



Our Silent Master Model S900r (formerly Silent Master S5) vacuum will handle the entire church by itself. Let us know the location of the vacuum tank and the furthest inlet valve from it just to verify. The number of valves is not relevant, only the furthest valve is the concern - how many feet of pipe between the tank and valve as if it were the only valve. Regarding blockages be sure NOT to use short tight 90 degree turns in the piping system. Use longer sweeps so that nothing gets stuck. The other trick is to USE short tight 90 degree turns ONLY at the back of each wall inlet valve. That way if anything is going to get stuck it will be right here at the wall and simple to retrieve.

Hide-A-Hose Recommendations

John, Glenmoore PA. We have a vacuflow system in our current house and are moving to a ~1400 square foot ranch style home. I would like to install a hide-a-hose and I think a single 60 foot hose would cover everything except the basement and garage in which I would like to install a traditional outlets in those area's (actually, thinking of installing the power unit in the garage so probably just need 1 traditional outlet in basement. What is the appropriate model to consider? Are there serious reservations about installing the hide-a-hose piping in the attic? thanks!


The Hide-A-Hose is an excellent idea and makes cleaning super easy. You can have traditional and HAH valves in the same system, just be sure the traditional valves tie into the main line( going back to the canister) AFTER the spot where the HAH hose is fully retracted. Running pipe in the attic is protocol and not an issue. You may want to see what the popular 50ft can do for you as the 60ft is really long and the least used by those that install HAH. The vacuum unit you want to use is the SilentMaster S560r. It has enough power to bring the 50 or 60ft hose back in without lag. The first couple of times is slower as the hose gets used to its positioning. Try to use the least amount of HAH turns in the HAH pipe run and keep the turns as spread apart from each other as you can. For homes with more than three HAH valves we recommend the SilentMaster S900r (formerly Silent Master S5).