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Central Vacuum Continuously Runs

When a central vacuum continues to run without a hose plugged into a vacuum wall port then there is a short in the system. Be sure to unplug the central vacuum unit to stop the vacuum from running and then follow these steps to determine where the short is and what to do about it.

  1. Be sure there is no hose connected to a wall port in the home.
  2. Be sure the vacuum unit is unplugged.
  3. For proper operation, be sure the unit on/off switch is always in the off position.
  4. Disconnect the low voltage wires from the side of the unit.
  5. Plug unit cord back into power.
  6. If the unit continues to run, replace the relay with a new circuit board.
  7. If the unit doesn’t continue to run, there is a short in the wire or at a wall valve.
  8. Has there been any work done on the house that may have compromised the wire?
  9. Is there a coin or a screw shorting the contacts inside any of the wall inlets?

If the central vacuum will not stop running you can find more detailed help here, or you can find a local dealer or give us a call. There is always a way to get your central vacuum to stop running and to work properly. We even have remote control products that will bypass the low voltage wire system.

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