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Enhanced Air-Powered Carpet Grooming

The new standard for air-powered cleaning is the Turbocat Zoom. Deluxe and Premium kits are available. Premium kits have the same Turbocat Zoom and hose but the accessories and storage items are upgraded.

The TurboCat Zoom Kit features:

  • Silent V-Shaped Belt
  • Run-Silent Bearings
  • Soft Pro-Tech Bumper
  • Easy-Glide Front Rollers
  • Accessories and Storage Tools
  • Includes On/Off Hose!
TurboCat Zoom Central Vacuum Attachment Kit

Turbocat Zoom Brush

The Powerful Turbocat Zoom

Included in Deluxe & Premium Kits

Turbocat Zoom is the new standard for powerful non-electric turbine power brushes. It is lightweight, simple to use, and requires no powercords, batteries or electricity. The brush itself is also available alone and fits directly into all central vacuum hoses and systems, however we recommend the complete hose and tool kit to get the best suction and cleaning experience.

Turbocat Zoom Turbine Vacuum replaces the Turbocat EX, Turbocat V, the original Turbocat (and all the various models it was sold under).

Turbocat Zoom Brush

Air Powered Perfection

The Turbocat Zoom aggressively cleans all kinds of carpets. The suction from the vacuum unit in the basement or garage reaches down to the carpet to pull in every bit of agitated dirt, debris, and allergens. But before the suction reaches the carpet it moves through the center air turbine causing it to spin very fast. The turbine is connected to a belt that grips the center of the roller brush rotating it as fast as the vacuum suction allows. How does one know the Turbocat Zoom is working? As you hear the sound of the whining turbine, you know you are getting the best clean the Turbocat Zoom can offer.

Air Powered Perfection

Easy Release Wand

Talk about convenience, no more reaching down to disconnect the wand from the power head to vacuum along baseboards. Turbocat Zoom's easy-release foot lever allows you to instantly remove the wand to spot clean areas. We all know the edges need to be cleaned more often then we are willing to clean them, but the Turbocat Zoom makes fast work of it so you can have a cleaner home while saving your back.

Easy Release Wand

Turboflex® Agitator

The Turboflex® Agitator beats the carpet and scoops up deep-down embedded dirt. The turbine energy is channeled through a V-shaped cogged drive belt. This specially designed belt reduces noise and lasts longer for more consistent performance. On the ends of the agitator are Run-Silent Bearings. A Soft Pro-Tech Bumper protects baseboards and furniture. Easy-Glide Front Rollers help the brush glide over carpet. The Turbocat Zoom brush itself comes with a 3-Year Limited Warranty and the rest of the kit has a 2-Year Warranty.

Turboflex Agitator

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

For online retail sales, M.D. provides a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee. Test drive your new vacuum attachment kit for up to 30 days after product receipt. We are confident you will be satisfied. If not, you may return it for a full product refund. 100% of the product cost will be refunded, including taxes and applicable duties. The initial shipping and return shipping charges, and applicable international entrance/brokerage fees, will not be refunded.