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VacPan, CanSweep, VacPort Baseboard Vacuum Inlets

You will love the convenience of a fully-integrated automatic dustpan! Simply engage the toe-kick and sweep any mess directly into the vacuum. You’ll never have to bend down to deal with a dirty dustpan again. Baseboard toe sweeps are perfect for kitchens, mudrooms, garages, workshops, and even a variety of workplaces (i.e. barber shops, beauty salons, retail stores, restaurants, etc.). They are durable and come in a variety of colors.

These vacuum ports are flush-mounted to a wall, baseboard, or cabinet kickboard, and only turn on when activated by a flick of your foot. They are connected to the central vacuum’s pipe system which transports all the dirt to the stationary vacuum located out of sight. They are often connected with several feet of flexible tubing to allow easy access for repair or replacement. Installation is typically done during construction but some dealers retrofit them, along with the complete system, into existing homes. A low voltage wire attaches for activation.

There are several toe-kick vacuum brands available on the market.


VacPan is the original toe-sweep vacuum port. Its simple design is functionally reliable. Engage the forward facing toggle switch with a simple kick and the vacuum turns on. The dirt exists the unit in a unique way compared to newer versions. The exit connection in the back of the product points upward, whereas other brands point straight out the back. This design makes VacPan installation in walls much easier. If you need to repair a VacPan, click here for the VacPan Repair Kit.

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CanSweep offers a different design and engagement. The entire front facing lid pivots up and down to turn the suction on and off, making the toe kick an easier target to engage. CanSweep has more airflow and a larger intake allowing it to pick up more dirt and trash. The exit connection is directly behind the front intake, making typical under the counter installations easier to hook up.

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VacPort toe sweep units take things to the next level with helpful LED lights that turn on when the toe kick is lifted. The LED lights are powered by the low voltage wire attached to the VacPort.

VacPort Details & Sales


Vacu-Sweep has been discontinued, but is most similar to the Can-Sweep which should be used as a replacement if necessary.

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