VacPan, VacPan II, and VacuSweep

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Imagine being able to sweep away any mess without bending over to use a dustpan. With the revolutionary new central vacuum outlet, VacPan, this is entirely possible.

(VacPan installation instructions.)

The VacPan is installed flush-mounted to a wall, baseboard, or cabinet kickboard, and only turns on when you activate it. Sweep dirt over to the VacPan inlet, direct the kick switch to the “on” position with your foot, sweep the dirt and debris towards the powerful suction (powered by your central vacuum unit), and watch the dirt disappear. When you’re done, use your foot to close the valve and turn off the suction power. VacPan is the perfect complement to any central vac system.

Easily installed in both new and existing systems, the VacPan and VacPan II are new central vacuum outlets perfect for kitchens, mudrooms, garages, workshops, and even a variety of workplaces (i.e. barber shops, beauty salons, retail stores, restaurants, etc.).


Vacpan and VacPan II are constructed with a strong ABS resin to make it capable of withstanding the tough environments it’s built for. It is available in white, black, ivory, and even a stainless steel to allow it to match any décor.

VacPans are also commonly referred to as Toe Sweeps, Toe Kick Vacuums, Kick Pans, and Baseboard Vacuums.

Read the VacPan installation instructions.
Read the VacPan II installation instructions.

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