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7 Reasons to Buy a Central Vacuum

Vacuuming can be a pain- it's noisy, inconvenient, and costly when you find yourself back at the store every few years for a new vacuum. Portable vacuums are usually heavy, smelly, and often leave you wondering how clean your carpet really is.

Installing a central vacuum is the answer to all these complaints, so why haven't more people installed one? Many homeowners aren't even aware central vacuums are an option, and there are many misconceptions about how they work. Big name vacuum manufacturers make more money selling portable vacuum cleaners at more regular intervals than selling their central vacuum systems, so they do not heavily market central vacuums.

One of the most common misconceptions surrounding central vacuums is that installing a system in an existing home requires a major renovation and tearing down walls. This is simply not true- the only hole required is covered with an inlet backing plate, and the pipes are usually fed through an attic, basement, or crawlspace. Keep reading for seven more reasons to consider installing a central vacuum in your home.

Inlet Valve

Quiet and Easy to Use
#1 Minimal Vacuum Noise

Most people are familiar with the loud noise caused by portable vacuums. Talking on the phone, sleeping, and watching television are all next to impossible when a person is vacuuming. With a central vacuum, you'll be amazed at how quiet they are. The main source of the noise, the motor, is located in the garage or basement, so the only noise comes from the air flowing through the vacuum and the vacuum head itself. You'll find that life can finally coexist with vacuuming when you have a central vacuum.


#2 Super Easy to Use

We can all agree that very few love to do household chores. However, central vacuums make cleaning as painless as possible (some may even call it fun!). With a central vac system, you can say goodbye to hauling around a heavy canister or upright vacuum. Those tough to reach spots that sit there and collect dust? Central vacuums have a wide range of accessories that allow you to clean places no vacuum has ever been able to get to before. Clean every nook and cranny in your home, even those cob-webby ceiling corners and the dusty corner behind the refrigerator, with a central vacuum. There isn't any other vacuuming system that will let you clean as efficiently and effectively as a central vacuum system.

Say No Portable Vacuums
#3 Goodbye Portable Vacuums

While most portable vacuum cleaners have to be replaced every few years, you only have to worry about basic maintenance once a central vacuum system is installed. In a direct comparison, a central vacuum will always beat out a portable or canister vacuum. Consider these advantages to owning a central vacuum system:

  • No power cords or extension cords
  • No re-circulated dust particles that trigger allergies (see #4 below)
  • Large trash capacity
  • No filter troubles
  • Longevity of all the parts
  • Costs less than portables bought over time
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Never awkward, bulky or off balance
Central Vacuum Allergy Relief
#4 Cleaner Air, Reduced Allergies - PROVEN

Central vacuum owners often remark how much cleaner the air is inside their homes, and allergy sufferers typically notice a reduction in their allergies. UC Davis actually did a study on this phenomenon, and proved that central vacuums do in fact keep the air cleaner than portable vacuums. The reason is simple: central vacuum systems extract the dirt, dust, and debris out of the house and into the main power unit in the garage or the basement where they are then exhausted outside. Portable vacuums recycle vacuumed allergens back into the air through the exhaust. Read the UC Davis Central Vacuum Clinical Study (PDF).

Men Vacuum More Often
#5 Versatile

Central vacuums have the ability to reach different places and types of surfaces than the typical portable vacuum thanks to the extensive selection of accessories available for central vacs. Long hoses and a number of tools makes easy work of cleaning vehicles, boats, and RVs. It even makes cleaning your garage easier than ever. It doesn't stir up dust like a broom, and is a lot less troublesome than trying to use a portable vacuum outside. Men also prefer central vacs to portable vacuums and are 80% more likely to vacuum with a central vacuum, because "It feels more like a power tool than a household appliance."

Powerful Central Vacuum Motors
#6 Powerful Deep Cleaning

Central vacuum motors can be up to three times stronger than the motors in portable vacuums, and because they are stored in a stationary location in the garage or basement, they stay much cooler. Since the motor stays much cooler, it is able to last much longer than portable vacuums, allowing it to do its job- provide strong suction through the network of pipes and through the hose. This allows central vacuums to not only remove the surface dust and debris, but also the deep grit and particulates that age carpet.

#7 A Smart Investment

Purchases such as household appliances are investments into your home, and installing a central vacuum is a smart one. Central vacuums save money over time and add value to your property, because the money spent on the installation will come back when the property is sold. They also last much longer than portable vacuums which need to be replaced every few years. Central vacuum owners can usually go ten years before having to replace major accessories or worry about maintenance.

By MD Manufacturing